Finest Jeweler in Houston

Finest Jeweler in Houston

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Finest Jeweler in Houston

The Finest Jeweler in Houston | Inter-Continental Jewelers

Why Intercontinental Jewelers is the Finest Jeweler Houston has to Offer

If you enter “jewelers Houston” into a search engine, you can find dozens of jewelers in the Houston area. If you need engagement rings, Houston has quite a few different places to go. So how do you choose among all these jewelers? Houston stores simply cannot compete with the level of service and the quality of jewelry offered at Intercontinental Jewelers.

The other jewelers Houston provides may import their jewelry

One way to keep costs low for jewelers Houston offers is by importing jewelry from overseas manufacturers. They can have jewelry made cheap and mark up the prices to unheard-of rates, so that they can maximize their profits. Intercontinental Jewelers provide locally-crafted jewelry made in-house. Few jewelry stores in Houston can offer the ability to inspect diamond engagement rings in the same place they are made. We can at Intercontinental Jewelers.

Wholesale prices make for affordable elegance

Walk into the store of any of the retail jewelers. Houston has many – and the prices are high. The best way to get discounts on jewelry is by purchasing them wholesale. However, this normally means ordering them online from international vendors. If you need wholesale jewelers, Houston has one great option: Intercontinental Jewelers. Because we manufacture our jewelry in-house, we can offer wholesale engagement rings and other beautiful pieces that could cost thousands more at a different store. Plus, you have the peace of mind, knowing exactly where the jewelry is coming from.

Online collection provides jewelry for anyone across the nation

Intercontinental Jewelers is one of the only jewelers Houston has that has an extensive online collection. But because we are not overseas, you can be assured that our jewelry is the highest quality and American-made.

The best custom jewelers Houston offers

Give us a sketch and we can make a ring for you. It’s that simple. Our custom jewelry allows you to create your own pieces, making that beautiful engagement ring of your dreams a reality. We can work with you throughout the process to ensure your happiness, so that you have that perfect ring for when the time is right.

The retail jewelers Houston hosts cannot compete with the great offerings the Intercontinental Jewelry provides. If you have any questions about our services or about jewelry in general, you can contact us by calling 713-785-9600 and we will be happy to help you.


Featured Article:

Choose The Finest Diamonds From Jewelers Houston Residents Have Trusted For Years

[Posted on September 13]

There are a handful of seminal moments in one’s life and many of those moments are traditionally accompanied by a memorable piece of jewelry. Finding the right piece of jewelry for these occasions is crucial, not just to ensuring that the moment goes as planned, as in the case of proposals with diamond engagement rings, but making sure that you get the most value for you dollar. The diamond industry is one that, unfortunately, is dotted with less than respectable jewelers, so finding one that can be trusted is the key to making sure you get a quality piece of jewelry at an appropriate price. For years, there’s been one jewelers Houston residents have been able to count on to provide them with the best diamonds in the world and that’s Inter-Continental Jewelers.

Inter-Continental Jewelers travels all over the world to find the finest diamonds so that our customers not only get a quality stone, but are able to save money over the retail cost. We make all of our own jewelry, allowing us to stand behind each piece that we create and sell. Our reputation is something we value and to ensure it remains as dazzling as our diamonds, we put each of our pieces through a rigorous quality control process.

We know that diamond engagement rings or diamond stud earrings can represent a big purchase for many people and we want them to be confident in their purchase, which is why we take such pride in each piece we sell. There are many jewelers Houston people can choose from but the reason that so many have chosen Inter-Continental Jewelers over the years is because we offer the finest diamonds at the best possible prices while also providing a level of service that is unmatched by anyone else in the industry. We even have a 30 day return policy for those instances when things didn’t go as planned.

As we talk to our customers, we hear horror stories about other jewelers Houston residents have had to deal with and we’re glad that when they purchase a piece of jewelry from Inter-Continental Jewelers that they feel they’ve made the right choice. It’s why they come back to us the next time they need a piece of Houston diamond jewelry and why we hear from many of our customers that we were recommended. We’ve established ourselves as the jewelers Houston residents turn to when they need a quality diamond.

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