Wholesale Engagement Rings Guide

Wholesale Engagement Rings Guide

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Guide To Wholesale Engagement Rings | Inter-Continental Jewelers

A Guide to Wholesale Engagement Rings

Behind the Scenes: The Quiet Glory of the Wholesale Engagement Ring

Do you enjoy being the center of attention with a full spotlight on you, or are you more comfortable quietly getting things done behind the scenes? If you gravitate more to a behind-the-scenes setting, you might appreciate all the benefits that buying a ring wholesale can offer. After all, this purchase is going to be the most beautiful and meaningful piece of jewelry your sweetheart ever will wear. The gigantic retail chains certainly will make a big production about their products, but they may not shine the spotlight on all of the hidden costs. You might wish that you had avoided the big show! Instead, why not let your search for a superior product be understated, pressure-free, and kind to your budget?

Buying wholesale is a smart option for many reasons. When you buy directly from a manufacturer, you cut out the retailer or middleman and reap huge savings. You also don’t have to pay for jewelry transportation costs. Imagine saving half or more than half the price of retailers’ engagement rings! Keeping costs down means you can buy an expensive engagement ring at an affordable price.

Doesn’t knowing all of this make you want to run, not walk, to your nearest wholesale engagement ring manufacturer? But where do you find such a magical place? Located at the heart of Richmond Avenue near the Galleria, we at Inter-Continental Jewelers have over 40 years of expertise as your Houston-area wholesale diamond and fine jewelry resource. You can feel confident that you will be getting your sweetheart an elegant, high quality piece of jewelry that will last. When you are our customer, you will never have to worry about being cheated and paying for lower quality jewelry like Internet or retail customers might experience.

Let us show you why a behind-the-scenes approach to buying a wholesale engagement ring beats the razzle dazzle production of a retail chain. We believe that superior quality and affordable prices should go hand-in-hand, just like you and your sweetheart. We look forward to assisting you with all of your wholesale diamond and fine jewelry needs.

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