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Take the guesswork out of exchanging your precious diamonds

Here at Inter-Continental Jewelers, we offer a lifetime 100% diamond trade-up for all our valued customers. In order to upgrade your diamond, you must have the original documentation for your diamond, and the stone needs to be in good condition. Refer a friend or contact us for more appraising and trading in your diamonds for something even better!

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Learn about trading your center diamond for an immediate upgrade
Trade Your Diamond

Diamonds to Trade Up

Diamond Trade Up For A Lifetime!

To our valued customers, we offer a 100% diamond trade-up for a lifetime! If you trade in your center diamond, you receive the full price toward another diamond of at least double the trade-in value. In order to upgrade your diamond, you must have the original documentation accommodated with your diamond, and your diamond needs to be in good and saleable condition. We don’t upgrade colored gemstones, settings and jewelry, or lab created diamonds. For example: If your diamond is valued at $5,000 and you would like to trade it in, You can get $5,000 off any diamond valued at $10,000 or higher.

Tax Free Diamonds

Upgrade credit doesn’t include duty or tax paid on the original purchase of the diamond. All applicable duties and taxes will be charged on the full retail price of the new diamond before any credit is applied. Trade-in prices may change due to market price fluctuations.

Loose Diamonds