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Free jewelry appraisal By Inter-Continental Jewelers Houston

Learn more about how diamond and gemstone appraisal works.

Free Appraisal for Diamonds or Gemstones | Inter-Continental Jewelers

Jewelery has both sentimental value and monetary value. There is no price for the memory it holds, but it is important to understand their current value. If you want to properly insure or resell your fine jewelry an appraisal will let you know what it is worth.

In your appraisal, our certified gemologist will inspect your jewelry, diamonds and gemstones. Any documentation such as sales slips, diamond or gemstone grading reports or warranties will help ensure the most value for your jewelry.

Here are a few things that are considered during an appraisal:
  • 1. Current market value.
  • 2. GIA Diamond registration, serial numbers, identifying manufacturer's marks on diamonds.
  • 3. The karatage for gold or percentage stamp on platinum.
  • 4. The 4Cs (cut, color, clarity and carat weight).

At the end of the diamond and gemstone appraisal process, you will understand how much your jewelry is worth and why.

** ONE FREE APPRAISAL for store-bought jewelry only**