Comparing Houston Jewelry Stores

Comparing Houston Jewelry Stores

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Comparing Jewelry Stores | Inter-Continental Jewelers

Comparing Jewelry Stores in Houston

Lessons from Goldilocks: Inter-Continental Jewelers in Houston “Just Right” For That Forever Ring

Remember how Goldilocks tried to find just the right fit for her? She sampled everyone’s porridge, chairs, and beds until she found what she proclaimed to be just the perfect fit for her particular lifestyle. Looking for a “just right” jewelry store in Houston to find that forever engagement ring doesn’t have to involve all that sampling. While you have many options in jewelry stores, Inter-Continental Jewelers in the Galleria area offers everything your heart could desire for a superior customer service experience.

‘The best of all worlds in one store,’ you ask? Yes! ‘Sounds too good to be true,’ you say. Then you ask, ‘What does does that mean?’ To answer your questions, let’s consider what jewelry store options you have.

First, you might try retail jewelry stores. Those are the ones that all share the same corner of mall and the ones everyone knows from tv and radio ads. Their prices all are very similar. While you might think you are getting a great deal, the products these stores offer are not as affordable as they might seem. Why? Unlike a lasting relationship, these products are not designed to last. The metal of the ring often wears out easier, and the diamonds often are not of a superior quality. As a customer, you might find that your white gold ring needs re-plating after just a few months of normal wear and tear! Also, if you’re looking for a unique engagement ring that no one else will have, you’ll be disappointed because the rings at these stores all look the same.

‘Well, gosh,’ you might be thinking, ‘is the big retail jewelry store my only choice?’ No, it’s not the only choice. You might consider a private jeweler. These “mom and pop” stores offer better customer service and generally a better quality of rings than their big retail jewelry store counterparts. However, you will see this difference in the more expensive price. Without the resources of a corporation behind them, these private stores must be able to cover their own expenses. This reality explains why they must price their jewelry higher. So, if you are working within a budget, you may be discouraged to discover that the ring that caught your eye when you walked in actually is a very expensive engagement ring.

‘So, what does that leave?,’ you ask warily. We saved the best for last — Inter-Continental Jewelers. We really do offer the best of all worlds. We provide the huge selection of a big retail jewelry store and the unique products and more focused customer service approach of a private jeweler. At our store, you won’t find the potential lower quality products of the retail stores or the sticker shock of the private stores. Instead, you’ll find the highest quality products that we manufacture in-house. There are no retailers acting as middlemen, so we can keep the costs low by selling directly to you. Our center diamonds are GIA certified and more, so you’ll know you are getting the best of the best. Our top quality ring settings range from classic to modern and everything in between, so you’ll know you won’t be wearing the same product everyone else has. What else sets us apart and makes us the perfect fit for you? Our over 40 years of expertise and passion for creating fine jewelry, and how much we love working with our customers to give them a superior customer service experience for their special occasions and precious moments.

To find what fits your lifestyle, you have the option of sampling jewelry stores the way Goldilocks sampled porridge, chairs, and beds. We think you’ll find your search for “just right” will point directly to us. We look forward to meeting you!

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