How to find a Unique Engagement Ring

Finding a unique engagement ring: A little research and thinking outside the (jewelry) box will go a long way

Read our helpful steps about what to consider when searching for a truly one-of-a-kind ring

How to Find a Unique Engagement Ring

Finding a unique engagement ring is a little more difficult than walking into a mall jewelry store and asking for one. While the rings there are often nice, they lack the meaning and personalization that you can find from a truly unique engagement ring. Intercontinental Jewelers can help you find that special ring. Let’s walk through some of the steps you can take to find that meaningful ring that stands out from the pack:

consider designing your own unique engagement ring

When you design your own engagement ring, you give yourself complete control over the look and style of your ring. While this method certainly ensures a unique engagement ring, it also requires quite a bit of effort. After all, you will be responsible for the look, color, and diamond of the ring, so there is some pressure involved. But you reap many rewards when you present that ring to your future bride.

go international

The United States has a very specific idea of what jewelry should look like, but there are styles from other countries that can help you in determining a great look for a unique engagement ring. Maybe an African or Asian style might fit the look you are going for. Because we are one of the very few jewelry stores in Houston that makes our jewelry on premises, we can make a custom piece that will “wow” anyone who glances at it.

visit antique stores for great ideas

Even the more traditional pieces can inspire a unique engagement ring. Make a custom piece based on a style popular in the 1920s or even earlier. This is a fun way to stay traditional and pay homage to past generations, while still retaining that unique look that you want.

use any materials for a unique engagement ring

Want to skip the diamonds? Want to make a ring out of a different metal? Go for it! You can put any gemstone into a nice setting, or you can make it out of a different metal. Pick rare metals for unique but expensive engagement rings. There are many options available if you would like a completely custom design.

Either way, take time to consider why you want a unique engagement ring and the meaning that it will provide. Have it engraved for a sentimental touch. If you want your marriage to have an extra special meaning, a unique engagement ring is a great start. Contact us today at 713-785-9600 to find great options for unique engagement rings.