Diamond Earring Gifts

Diamond Earring Gifts

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Diamond Earring Gifts

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Diamond Studs? Diamond Earrings are a Great Gift!


Searching jewelry stores in Houston for your next fine jewelry purchase? Choose diamond stud earrings. These diamond earring great value because:

  • You don’t pay for fancy styles. There is less pressure on the setting of the diamond with earrings. Diamond engagement rings can be very focused on how the diamond is positioned on the band, which can drive up the cost of the ring. With diamond stud earrings, the diamond is the focal point, which means your money can go towards getting the best diamond possible, rather than sacrificing the quality of the diamond for a flashy setting.

  • There is less pressure on the size of the ring. When purchasing diamond stud earrings, often smaller earrings can still go a long way. Depending on the style of the person who will be wearing them, a smaller or medium-sized diamond can be perfect, while retaining the elegance that a larger diamond might hold. Small diamonds on rings can indicate “cheapness” but diamond stud earrings still retain their classiness despite a smaller size.

  • It can be a unisex gift. Today, both men and women are commonly seen wearing diamond stud earrings. Many men may even prefer the studs. The same cannot be said for the fancier, “dangly” earrings, or even certain hoop styles. A simple set of diamond stud earrings can be a great gift for either sex.

  • You still have options. While diamond stud earrings can still be a simple gift, you still can make many choices on which ones to buy, including the cut, shape, and size of the diamonds. Wholesale prices mean your budget goes farther as well. This means that you can buy multiple pairs without every pair of earrings looking the same.

In addition, purchasing diamond stud earrings from Intercontinental Jewelers means you will receive the finest quality earrings for your money. As one of the biggest wholesale jewelers, we buy large parcels of diamonds directly from the diamond cutting factories. We don't have any middleman, so we pass on the savings directly to the our customer. Our jewelry is then crafted locally, so we have full control over the quality of the jewelry you receive.

Contact us today at 713-785-9600 and ensure that you spend your money on quality jewelry that will last a lifetime.

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