Wholesale and Loose Diamonds

Wholesale and Loose Diamonds

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Wholesale and Loose Diamonds

Wholesale and Loose Diamonds Blog | Inter-Continental Jewelers

Wholesale Diamonds and Loose Diamonds: Unsung Heroes in the Search for a High Quality, Affordable Engagement Ring

You have found your partner for life and want to get her the most amazing ring ever to show the world how you feel about her. You think you will have to spend a fortune to get her the most superior quality diamond engagement ring, right? My friend, if you believe this, now is the perfect time to learn about the beauty of buying wholesale diamonds and loose diamonds. You will be a happier, more confident customer who will know interesting and important facts about getting the best diamond at the best savings.

At Inter-Continental Jewelers, we love educating our customers about the essentials of buying diamonds. From diamond rings to diamond stud earrings, you’ll want to know about the “five Cs” of diamonds: cut, clarity, carat, color, and cost. Then, you’ll want to ask different types of questions throughout the diamond buying process, such as the following: What’s the difference between a princess cut and an oval cut? What is the size difference between a 1/2 carat and a 2-carat diamond? How do these factors affect the diamond’s cost?

After you feel more familiar with these concepts, it’s time to consider your priorities about your wholesale must-haves versus nice-to-haves. Wholesale buying sometimes means getting a great deal or discount on diamonds but giving up some other aspect you may have desired. For example, perhaps one of your must-haves is having a 2-carat diamond. You’ll either have to be happy with paying more to get this size, or you’ll need to look for a smaller stone to keep costs down.

We understand all of these topics that you must weigh as a consumer. As one of Houston’s most respected wholesale jewelers for over 40 years, we believe that buying wholesale is a smart and flexible option, and knowing as much as you can about the process can help you avoid spending money on an overpriced stone. Our wholesale diamonds are the best of the best, but as an informed customer, you owe it to yourself to compare other jewelers. We are confident in our prices and quality, but once you shop around, we’re confident you’ll prefer our on premises, locally-manufactured jewelry and our superior service.

As the leading greater Houston area jeweler for decades, we spend a lot of time searching for the highest quality diamonds at the lowest possible costs so that our customers will save money. Our quality control process is rigorous, so you can be confident that your diamond is just as valuable as it looks. You also can be confident that you will be saving 50-70% compared to retail jewelers. We have a 30 day return policy just in case, but we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. You’ll love our wide selection of diamond choices in many settings and designs that you’ll find on our website. Simply choose the cut or design you want and then compare our prices to other area stores; you’ll find our wholesale prices wonderfully low.

Investing in a loose diamond is another cost saving and flexible option we recommend that never skimps on quality. Preset diamonds are subject to a fair amount of markup from the jewelry’s presentation, creation, and marketing, so a loose diamond can make a substantial financial difference. It allows you to explore as many routes as possible to your perfect ring and perhaps even to design your own engagement ring. Not only will you have a 360-degree view of the loose stone to check its quality for flaws that a ring setting would block, you’ll also give your sweetheart the chance to choose exactly the setting she wants. Try a one-of-a-kind proposal with your loose diamond, and see how excited she’ll be to learn that she gets to pick the setting. She’ll love our “Design Your Own Engagement Ring” service because you’ll both love the unique piece you create.

We know you have many choices in Houston for high quality jewelry and diamonds. At Inter-Continental Jewelers, we are proud of providing services that Houston diamond shoppers will appreciate that also will save them money. Other local jewelers will vouch for our stellar reputation for having trusted expertise and for offering the best diamond engagement rings and other fine jewelry. Being aware of the flexibility, high quality, and affordability of buying wholesale diamonds and loose diamonds will make you appreciate these “unsung heroes” of fine jewelry. We look forward to having you visit us online or in person to explore these options.

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