Standout Jeweler In A World of Options

Standout Jeweler In A World of Options

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Standout Jewelry

Standout Jeweler / Inter-Continental Jewelers: Why We Are Your Standout Jeweler In A World Of Options

How wonderful that you’ve found your partner for life! Now, you want an amazing engagement ring that your sweetheart will love forever. How will you pick just the right store to find your ring and to have a superior customer service experience?

Standout Jewelry

First, you consider ordering a ring online. That would be quick and efficient, wouldn’t it? You’d cross your fingers and hope that what you see on the screen turns out to look like that in reality.





Or maybe that gigantic, national retail chain jewelry store you pass on your way home is the way to go. Choices galore, right? But will you feel right at home, or will you lose your way when no one notices that you need some help with all those choices?





Then you remember that a smaller, locally owned jewelry store is near the large store. Surely you would get more attention in the smaller store, but you have heard that orders take three months on average to complete and that the jewelry is very pricey.





Yikes! A dilemma is brewing. You want a great selection, personalized customer service, efficiency, affordability, and a superior product. You don’t see any of the above options fulfilling your list of must-haves.





The solution to your dilemma is Inter-Continental Jewelers. With over 40 years in the fine jewelry business, we love providing our customers with the best of all worlds when it comes to a superior customer service experience.





We have all the advantages of an online store when it comes to ease of access, convenience, and efficiency. In fact, we were one of the first omnichannel jewelers in Houston with a physical store and an online presence with our website. Isn’t it great that you can come to our store to look at the same ring you just saw on our website?




We have all the advantages of a large, national retail when it comes to an outstanding selection of fine jewelry. Diamonds, gemstones, men’s wedding bands from classic to modern, endless settings and styles...we have all of it to show you.





We have all the advantages of a small local jeweler when it comes to personalized attention. We’re hard at work making jewelry you’ll love but never too busy for you when you have questions, concerns, or just want to say hi!




We also offer you:


• Wholesale prices with no middleman, which means incredible savings for you;


• GIA certified Center diamonds and more that we hand select;


• Unbelievable custom design rings and jewelry, often with turnaround as quick as two weeks—it’s our specialty;


• In-house jewelry manufacturing to produce our superior products; and,


• Passion for what we do that shines through in our products.




You don’t have to compromise when picking a jewelry store to find your sweetheart that amazing engagement ring. Just head over to see us at Inter-Continental Jewelers in the Galleria area, where you’ll find us at 6222 Richmond, Suite #570, Houston, TX 77057.




We look forward to having you as our guest, and hopefully as our customer, where we will guarantee 100% satisfaction with your fine jewelry shopping experience.

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