Buying Diamond Engagement Rings

Buying Diamond Engagement Rings

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Buying Diamond Engagement Rings

Here are some great tips to keep in mind when buying diamond engagement rings:

Establish your budget

Whether you are looking to spend $1,000 or $10,000, your budget will be one of the biggest factors in your buying decision. You can find the perfect engagement ring, but if it costs $8,000 more than you can afford to spend, it makes no difference. Be realistic in your estimates. Having a firm budget will help you out tremendously when having to choose from the many diamond engagement rings that are available.

Know the cut she wants

Not all diamond engagement rings are equal in her eyes. If you want to surprise her, you had better know what cut she likes. Some women do not care, but many do. A round or oval cut looks very different from a princess cut in both the shape and sparkle. Ask a friend or close family member who may know, or just ask her yourself if she knows you will be proposing.

Simple band or something fancier?

Some women are happy with a simple engagement ring, while other women want a little more unique engagement ring. Much of this has to do with the style of the band. You can have a plain band with a classic setting, or a fancier band with smaller diamonds surrounding the center stone. Fancier diamond engagement rings will obviously cost a little more, but you may not need as large of a center stone if the setting attracts attention.

Yellow gold versus white gold

Is most of her jewelry the classic yellow gold or does she prefer the silver color of white gold? Many diamond engagement rings are now offered in white gold, which is a shiny, silver color. However, white gold generally requires a little more maintenance, as the silver plating (called “rhodium”) can wear down over time, and will require a new plating on occasion. Inspect the jewelry she already owns and find a ring that will match.

The best advice that we can give is this: get to know your future bride’s jewelry tastes. If you want her to be happy with your ring choice, it needs to be one she will cherish for years to come. Make an informed decision when browsing diamond engagement rings and you can be sure that your proposal will be the perfect one you both have been dreaming about.

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Doing Your Homework When Shopping for Diamond Engagement Rings Goes a Long Way!

[Posted on August 25]

Without a doubt, diamond engagement rings are certainly an item which represent a great deal of importance for a couple who plan to spend the rest of their lives together, and as such, this symbol of eternal love should not be purchased in a quick and careless manner. Engaging in careful planning is a must, and undoubtedly, there are some important things which need to be considered so that the perfect ring can be selected.

Of course everyone would like to buy the most beautiful and luxurious ring available for their sweetheart, but for many, money is certainly an important factor in the engagement ring buying decision. As such, it’s important to establish at least a rudimentary budget range which should be followed. After a budget for the ring is established, it’s now time to get a little information from the bride-to-be about the specific type of ring desired. Although surprising the woman with a ring is a must, she will certainly appreciate the ring and its symbolism much more if she loves the style of the ring and specific diamond cut. If asking the girlfriend about the type of diamond cut and if a gold or silver band is preferred will raise too many suspicions, then it may be necessary to get the necessary information from one of her friends or family members. Either way, it is certainly a good idea to ensure that whatever ring is purchased, it will be one which she will be able to wear and enjoy for the long-term.

Aside from purchasing a pre-made ring, another option to consider is to design your own engagement ring! Designing your own ring is certainly an interesting and fulfilling option for many, but if this route is taken, then the input of the girlfriend or perhaps her friends and family will be more important. Whatever the choice may be: personally-designed ring or not, it’s important that a little homework is performed beforehand in order to ensure that the ideal ring and ultimately, symbol of everlasting love is selected.

If you have already done your homework and know exactly the type of ring which is desired, then you should not hesitate to either browse through our website or else contact Inter-Continental Jewelers directly. We have dedicated professionals who will be ready to help you so that you make the right decision! Contact us today for more information regarding diamond engagement rings or a unique engagement ring idea, or feel free to continue browsing through our website.

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