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Design Your Own Engagement Ring

Inter-Continental Jewelers Offers the Ability to Design Your Own Engagement Ring

Diamond engagement rings are the typical choice for upcoming weddings. They are also one of the most expensive purchases that you may ever make with regards to jewelry. While they represent a great deal in themselves, you should not have to literally break the bank to purchase diamonds for the love of your life. Inter-Continental Jewelers can help you to find that perfect diamond engagement ring while still saving money for the honeymoon and life after the wedding. We offer a host of diamonds wholesale that you can purchase, making your next diamond purchase the best of both worlds.

When choosing a diamond engagement ring, it is important to set a budget. Before you begin looking at the various styles and designs, you need to have in mind what you can afford to spend. It simply makes no sense to choose a diamond and then worry about the cost. By setting your budget first you will know exactly what you can afford to spend and can focus your choices on those rings that are in your allotted budget range. With our huge selection, you'll be sure to choose the ring that will make her heart melt.

We also offer you the option of designing your own engagement ring. You can allow your bride-to-be to help you to choose the perfect design for her ring, making the ring even more special. To read more about diamonds wholesale, visit Inter-Continental Jewelers today at