Comparing Houston Jewelry Stores

Comparing Houston Jewelry Stores: Inter-Continental Jewelers combines low prices of national retailers with high quality, personalized service of private jewelers

Learn more about differences you might find shopping at national jewelry retailers vs small, private jewelry stores

Comparing Jewelry Stores in Houston

There are many different jewelry stores in Houston, but how does one decide which is the best for your next big purchase? You may be looking for engagement rings, in which case Houston has several options for you, and they are not all the same. In fact, each jeweler is quite different. Here's a quick look at the types of jewelry stores in Houston:

the retail jewelry stores

These stores are the big, recognizable names from TV commercials and billboards. They all share the same corner of the local mall, and all their prices are pretty much the same. While retail jewelry stores in Houston can offer some nice deals at first glance, a deeper look shows that they are not as affordable as they seem. The quality of the diamonds is generally known to be very low, especially on the lower-budget pieces. The rings themselves also wear down much easier, as white gold often needs to be re-plated after only a few months of normal wear and tear. In addition, you will have a hard time finding that unique engagement that you wanted to buy, because their rings all look the same.

the private jewelers

Private, “mom-and-pop” jewelers offer better customer service and can generally provide nicer rings than retailers. However, they are the more expensive jewelry stores in Houston. Because they are not national corporations they can provide wonderful service, however they have to raise their prices to cover their overhead. This can be a problem for somebody who doesn't have the budget to buy expensive engagement rings.

intercontinental jewelry

At Intercontinental Jewelry we provide the low prices of the national retails with the high quality and personalized service of a private jeweler. How do we do it? Our jewelry is made in-house: we make it, we control the costs, and we don't have any retailers acting as middlemen. That means that we can keep costs low by selling directly to you. You also can be assured that we will provide the highest-quality diamonds and settings, as we will work personally with you to find the perfect ring.

When comparing jewelry stores in Houston, it is important to have your own impartial opinion. Shop around and see for yourself! Then contact us today at 713-785-9600 to discuss your next fine jewelry purchase.