How are Wholesale Diamonds Inexpensive?

How are Wholesale Diamonds Inexpensive?

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How are Wholesale Diamonds Inexpensive?

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Wholesale loose diamonds contain a reality not known by the general public, and many individuals strive to obtain quality diamonds without expensive price tags. Not every diamond is similar, and prices may differ depending upon location. However, for those seeking a “diamond in the rough”, wholesale diamonds may be a viable alternative.

Diamond Manufacturing

The diamond trading process is complex, but it’s comprised of just a few parts. Diamonds are sold to the manufacturing companies authorized to purchase rough diamonds in bulk, throughout the globe. These selected companies are able to buy uncut diamonds directly from De Beers, which is the leading manufacturer and mining authority in the diamond industry.

Several diamond mining companies hold a large slice of the industry’s pie, and some contain more than 65 percent of the world’s mined diamonds. When these diamonds are taken from the earth, they’re sifted, sorted and shipped to various distributors.

Once the Manufacturers obtain the rough diamonds, they are evaluated for best yield of color and clarity. In today's market, the diamond cutting process is done by computer. The rough diamonds are evaluated by a computer program for best valuation, cut, color and clarity. The diamonds are then processed through various diamond-cutting machines, and then finally hand polished.

The manufacturers then sell these cut diamonds to wholesalers, who buy the diamonds in bulk. As a diamond wholesaler, we are able to cut out the middle man and finally sell directly to the public, passing on the savings.

Retail Merchants

Wholesale diamonds are inexpensive compared to their retail counterparts. Normally, brick-and-mortar retail outlets have increased expenses (i.e., marketing campaigns, commercials, store-front ads, etc.) so their markups will be increased. Retail outlets have prices approximately 50% to 70% higher than wholesale providers.

Additionally, when diamonds are purchased in bulk, the purchaser might save up to 30 percent of normally-acquired retail prices. Wholesale prices are normally available to the public, too, so purchasers needn't search too far.

Wholesale diamonds, in short, are purchased directly from the stone’s source, and they’re often cut and sold on location. Some companies price match, too, guaranteeing customers the best possible prices.

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