What Is Diamond Color?

What Is Diamond Color?

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All diamonds, no matter what color they present, share a unique structure. One characteristic of this structure is a crystal-lattice structure that can be affected by different additional elements which may be present in the stone, thereby affecting the diamond's color. A structurally perfect diamond is considered colorless—it will appear completely transparent without the presence of any particular hue. In this sense, colored diamonds are imperfect when compared with structurally perfect, clear white diamonds. However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and some of the most famous diamonds in the world (like the Hope Diamond) are colored diamonds.

What Is Diamond Color In White Diamonds?

Jewelry professionals use a standard scale to talk about diamond color in white diamonds. This scale set by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is considered the industry standard and grades white diamonds according to their hue, clarity, and overall color. A completely colorless diamond will receive a grade of D, while a diamond graded K will have a slightly colored tone. Anything below K is dipping into the yellow and brown diamond range.

What Is Diamond Color In Colored Diamonds?

While the standard for some is the colorlessness of a diamond, others are enchanted by the way certain chemical elements create colored diamonds. Here are a few common diamond colors and the chemicals that cause them.

Blue Diamonds

Blue diamonds occur when high boron content affects the crystal lattice structure of a diamond.

Yellow and Brown Diamonds

When there is high nitrogen content in a diamond, it usually results in a diamond ranging from a deep canary yellow to a cognac brown.

Purple Diamonds

Purple diamonds occur when a large degree of hydrogen impacts the crystal lattice structure of a diamond.

Black Diamonds

Generally, black diamonds form when microscopic inclusions of materials like graphite or various sulfides find their way into the diamond's structure.

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