What Is a Radiant Cut Diamond?

What Is a Radiant Cut Diamond?

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A radiant cut diamond combines the best features of the emerald cut and the round brilliant diamonds. The radiant cut takes on the fire and brilliance of a round brilliant diamond but in a square or rectangle shape with cropped corners. The radiant cut diamond earned its name from its excellent ability to reflect light.

Characteristics of a Radiant Cut Diamond

  • Radiant cuts have a lengthy, rectangular diagonal measurement.
  • The cut features a big table, straight edges, and cut corners.
  • The radiant cut is sparkly.
  • Radiant diamond cuts feature 70 facets, which increase the brightness of the stone.
  • Radiant cuts have corners with beveled edges that are less likely to chip.
  • The radiant cut has a brilliant-cut facet pattern on the crown and pavilion.

History of Radiant Cut Diamonds

In 1977, Henry Grossbard created the Radiant Cut. Grossbard wanted to create a new cut with unrivaled sparkle, so he combined the renowned Emerald with brilliant round diamonds to create a radiant cut.

Grossbard knew that many loved the emerald cut's exquisite design but felt it did not sparkle enough. After years of meticulous experimentation, Grossbard perfected the radiant cut in 1981 by combining the beauty of step cuts with the brilliance and smoldering look of the round brilliants. Grossbard was the first to apply a brilliant faceting pattern to the crown and pavilion of the stone, setting a new standard for diamond cuts.

Why Choose Radiant Cut Diamonds

  • Radiant cuts have excellent color saturation.
  • Radiant cuts are highly versatile when it comes to shape and style.
  • Radiant cuts have optimal fire, sparkle, and brilliance.
  • Radiant cuts look fantastic in many different set designs.
  • You can get a radiant cut diamond if you want to keep a square or rectangular-shaped stone without sacrificing its brightness.
  • Radiant cuts look larger than round cut diamonds.

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