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Unique Engagement Rings

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Unique Engagement Rings

Unique Engagement Rings | Inter-Continental Jewelers

Snowflakes, Fingerprints, and Unique Engagement Rings

Seeing the beauty and uniqueness of a snowflake is a moment of pure joy and wonder, especially if you live in Houston, Texas! Knowing that your fingerprint is uniquely yours is a feeling of security and awe. Giving your sweetheart a unique engagement ring that conveys her one-of-a-kind personality is a very important part of a lifetime of priceless, cherished moments.

At Inter-Continental Jewelers in the Galleria area, we know the trademark characteristics of ladies who would love a such a ring. She’s the one who channels her own, unique vibe wherever she goes. She’s your go-to person for unique ideas and approaches to life’s big and small moments. She’s the gal who has a novel and fresh take on everything from clothing styles to start-up companies. For this unique lady, an engagement ring that celebrates her personality will be one of the most symbolic and enduring pieces of fine jewelry she’ll ever own.

Think of us at Inter-Continental Jewelers as the snowflake in a world of jewelry stores! We always strive to create breathtaking products of the highest quality. We are customization experts and love to custom design unique engagement rings that fit all our unique ladies’ lifestyles and personalities. We are one of the only jewelry stores in Houston that makes our jewelry on premises, so our designs are sure to dazzle everyone who sees them. Wouldn’t it be great to design your ring so that you and your sweetheart get to take control of the look and style of your ring but to know that we are there through every step of the design process?

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of custom design, we understand! But don’t worry. Ring design inspiration can come from so many wonderful resources. Often, you don’t have to look any further than a world map! Styles from other countries may help you determine a special look for your engagement ring. We can make any custom piece you desire, so if an African or Asian style catches your eye, we’ll bring it to life for you. Additionally, antique stores often reveal hidden treasures that can inspire your design. If you love bygone eras, you might find styles from the 1920s or earlier that you can incorporate into your own ring.

While scientific patterns and rules explain the uniqueness of snowflakes and fingerprints, ring designs can use science as a guideline without any set rules. You get to be as creative as you please with your custom design! Want emeralds instead of diamond for your gem, or palladium instead of gold for your precious metal? Perfect! Any gemstone can fit into any setting you desire, and you can select a rarer metal for an expensive engagement ring. The sky is the limit when you customize a piece of fine jewelry with us.

So the next time you are amazed by a snowflake or by how your fingerprint can unlock your iPhone, think of how much we love helping our customers create custom engagement rings and other fine jewelry that will capture your sweetheart’s uniqueness. We look forward to assisting you with your fine jewelry needs for all of life’s precious moments and special occasions.

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