All About the Classic Diamond Solitaire Pendant Design, and Where it Can be Found in Houston

All About the Classic Diamond Solitaire Pendant Design, and Where it Can be Found in Houston

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Classic Diamond Solitaire Pendant Design Houston

The classic diamond solitaire pendant is truly a piece that has been popular since its beginnings and will continue to be a staple among women everywhere for many years to come.

It works when paired with a wedding dress, or is ideal to wear with a sweater. Not to mention, you can wear it anywhere from shopping at the mall to an elegant restaurant.

Diamond Solitaire Pendant Shapes

Round Diamond Solitaire Pendant

Round Diamond Solitaire Pendant

The round shape is the most popular diamond shape, and the most reflective and brilliant. Its shape maximizes the brilliance of the stone.

The princess shape is the second most popular diamond shape. The face of a princess diamond is the shape of a square or rectangle and has a pyramid shape. This gives a princess shape a defined prism, so the diamond reflects a great deal of light.

The marquise-shaped diamond is similar to the pear shape, but with an elongated shape and two pointed ends.

The oval-shaped diamond has an elliptical shape, while the pear-shaped diamond looks similar to a teardrop.

A heart shape looks just like its name says, like a heart. It's a romantic shape and is like the pear shape only it has a cleft in the center of the top of it.

A rectangular diamond with corner facets and flat planes is an emerald shape. Around it is rows of steps that lengthen the facets. These tend to have excellent clarity.

The radiant shape is one very much like the emerald shape, but this one has a facet arrangement that makes it have brilliance similar to a round diamond.

A cushion-shape diamond crosses a round with a princess shape. It will either be a square shape or a rectangular shape, but it will have rounded corners.

An asscher is basically a square emerald shape. An asscher-shaped diamond has steps and is cropped on the corners.

Which Diamond Solitaire Pendant Design Should be Chosen?

When choosing a classic diamond solitaire pendant, a person will also get to choose the setting and the metal. Some types of metals such as white gold, yellow gold, silver and platinum. The thickness of the chain and the designs of the chain will vary as well.

Giving a holiday gift of a diamond solitaire necklace is one she'll never forget and one that she'll always cherish.

Where to Find Classic Diamond Solitaire Pendant Designs

Inter-Continental Jewelers at 6222 Richmond Ave, Suite 570 in Houston, Texas 77057 is a great place in Houston, Texas to find a large variety of classic diamond solitaire pendant designs at great prices, too!

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