Round Diamonds

Round Diamonds

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Round Diamonds

The round diamond is the most popular diamond shape on the market. This design is also known as the 58-facet round brilliant cut diamond. These diamonds are cut with a specific formula in order to reach their color and clarity. This shape dates back to 1750 when it became well-known after several tries in other facets.

The Gemologist Institute of America further classifies this cut in three types:

    • Old European

    • Circular Brilliant

    • Round Brilliant

All three of these categories have a detailed criteria that must be meet. These demographics are based off table size, cut grade, and proportions.

Antique Style: Old European

The old european round diamond must have less than 53 percent table size, a crown angle of 40 degrees or more, a large culet, and lower half facet length must be 60 percent or more. These are the traditional rules for classifying this type of diamond shape. Those searching for a vintage-style ring tend to gravitate towards this style. This style is considered historic in its design, shade, color, and clarity.

Modern Style: Circular Brilliant & Round Brilliant

The circular brilliant round diamond’s distinct difference from the old european style lies in its shorter star facets and short lower halves. The three standard qualifications for this style are as follows:

    • Medium to large culet size

    • 50 percent star length

    • 60 percent or less lower half length

Round brilliant style diamonds make for great wedding rings or traditional tennis bracelets. Jewelers use this shape for many jewelry pieces. This style is easy to place, making for a great cost-effective alternative, as the more diamonds that can be placed, the more flexibility there is with size and carats within a jewelry piece’s design.

All of these diamonds share a unique quality. The biggest differences lie their in clarity, shine, and color. The round diamond is a flexible-style shape that is capable of creating impressive, extraordinary jewelry pieces.

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