Purchasing Diamonds Online

Purchasing Diamonds Online

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Purchasing Diamonds Online

ICJ Diamonds Online

Buying diamonds online can be tricky. A diamond can look good in writing, but in person, it can be something you weren't really expecting. Inter-Continental Jewelers provides our customers access to a large diamond inventory online as well as in person. We are very honest and upfront with our clients and refuse to sell any low-quality products.

With our online customers, we get a complete description and details of the inclusions of the diamond they've selected before processing an order. Because all diamonds have their own unique characteristics, basing a diamond's quality solely on its specs is not always the best way to approach a diamond purchase.

For instance, each clarity grade has its own range. Take an SI1 diamond for example. There can be a very clean and visually-pleasing SI1, but there can also be an impure SI1 with visible, dark inclusions. This same logic applies to all clarity levels, as well as color grade. An "I" color diamond can be near colorless or can be at the lower end of the "I" color spectrum and have a yellow tinge. The below images display the diamond clarity and color grading, courtesy of the GIA.

Diamond Clarity
Diamond Color

Unlike other major online companies, we maintain communication with our online customers and want them to know exactly what they are getting. We take pride in providing quality diamonds and service and strive to keep our customers happy. Making a high-dollar sale is not our priority; what matters to us is making a long-time customer that can put their trust in our expertise.

Utilize our Diamond Search tool to search find the right diamond for you, or feel free to call us at 713-785-9600 if you have any questions. You can also visit our showroom at:

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