Princess-Cut Shape

Princess-Cut Shape

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The princess-cut is a highly popular modern shape of diamond. This shape stands out in its unique square or rectangle shape. The princess cut is a popular style for engagement and wedding rings alike.

What is the Princess-Cut Diamond?

The princess cut dates back to the 1960’s, when it became most popular among brides. This was in part due to its opulent sparkle. The diamond creates a unique gleam that clearly indicates its classification in luxury gems. In turn, this led the princess cut to become a status symbol for women in all societies. This diamond shape also balances elegance and style. It gives the opulence of the round brilliant diamond yet it costs slightly less in price.

Style and its Distinctiveness

When it comes to the size and ratio of the princess cut shape, gemologists recommend a ratio of 1 for square shapes and slightly over 1.05 for rectangle shapes. Gemologists also take into account the length, width, and various heights of the diamond. Due to the princess cut's unique pyramid-like shape, the symmetrical components of the diamond have a specific formula to follow in order to create the ideal princess cut.

The princess-cut shape is a distinct diamond that comes in many different shades and compliments a variety of bands. Its shape looks flattering with white gold bands, traditional gold bands, and silver and platinum bands as well. The options are endless when pairing the princess-cut shape with ring options. The princess cut is mostly used is for engagement and wedding rings, however, it is also highly-regarded in a variety of tennis bracelets, earrings, watches, and necklaces.

Gemologists can easily shape a diamond into a princess cut and fit it to most jewelry sets. For example, a tennis bracelet and earrings can take on the ability to carry matching diamonds custom-made to match one’s engagement ring.

This sophisticated shape is a relatively modern style, however, its popularity has just begun. Diamonds are indeed a girl's best friend, as the cliché goes. The gleaming princess cut takes this marvelous idea a step further: it’s styled to bring out a girl’s inner princess!

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