Houston Men's Wedding Band Trends

Houston Men's Wedding Band Trends

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Houston Men's Wedding Band Trends

Many men don't wear any jewelry except a watch, so they worry that a wedding ring will look feminine on their finger. Grooms sometimes assume that detailed additions, such as stones or mixed metals, are out of the question.

Both brides and grooms should have fun when it comes to picking out a personalized and unique piece that will make them proud for years to come. Instead of opting for a plain metal band, more and more Texas men are jumping onto the following two wedding band trends.

Choose a Wide Band; Consider Adding Handsome Diamonds

Matching wedding bands are no novelty; most couples opt for the same metal and add touches that mean something to both of them, like engraved verses or names. However more and more Houston men are expanding on that idea and making their rings unique to their personality.

Men's Milligrain Wedding Band

Men's Milligrain Wedding Band

For example, the bride may want to complement her diamond engagement ring with a band that's completely covered in one or two rows of smaller diamonds. This pave style translates very well into a man's wedding band. The groom can opt for plain gold band with milgrain edges, or flat step edges. The groom can also choose from different finishes such as a satin finish, a hammered finish, a sandblast finish, or a plain shiny finish. Usually men prefer six millimeter wide bands, but some Texan men prefer a larger 8 or even 10 millimeter wide band.

Bold Homage to Athletic Rings

One ring that's never associated with daintiness or femininity is the championship sports ring. From the Astros and the Texans to the Rockets and the Dynamo, Houston is a star-studded sports town that's full of examples of big, bold and flashy sports flare. There's no rule that says men have to stick to safe or small choices for their band. For most men, their wedding band is the only ring they'll ever wear, so why not pack a punch with a style that emulates their favorite player or team?

Gemstones are a great way to turn a wedding band into a hometown homage. Opt for a ring with masculine weight and texture, such as a white or yellow gold band with separate square-shaped cut-outs on the face, connected by rectangular links that simulate a chain. Angular details will offset the smoothness of the rest of the ring, and each separated piece can feature its own stone. If men want to customize the piece with colored gemstones or diamonds, they can even make their team colors a permanent part of their wardrobe. The result is a tough but classy ring that would look right at home on any athlete's finger.

The Classic Men’s Wedding Band

Despite all of the available trends, some men will still decide to choose a classic wedding band style. Considerably, most men do prefer understated and plain wedding bands in white gold. This decision may be upheld by the desire to wear a more practical style, though all of the ring styles mentioned above can be equally as practical.

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