How to Shop for an Engagement Ring in Houston

How to Shop for an Engagement Ring in Houston

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Inter-Continental Jewelers Blog - How to Shop for an Engagement Ring in Houston

It’s time to let that special someone know you want to spend the rest of your life with them. Tradition dictates you present an engagement ring when you pop the question. So how do you shop for an engagement ring in Houston?

It really isn’t that hard. With a little preparation and knowledge of your partner-to-be, you can buy the perfect ring for that perfect person.

What Is Your Budget?

Sure, there is that hoary old advice about spending a specific amount of your salary on a ring, but that isn’t realistic for most people. Besides, it isn’t the cost that counts, it’s whether the ring represents your intentions and relationships.

You know how much you can afford to spend without going into serious debt. So spend that much and no more. A knowledgeable jeweler can help you find a ring that fits your budget and your vision.

What Is Your Loved One’s Style and Taste?

Surely you have some idea by now about preferences in clothing, colors, and activities.

  • Is the clothing comfortable, follow the latest fad, or express an artistic spirit?
  • What dominates the closet - business suits, bright colors, subtle patterns?
  • Is jewelry part of an overall look or just worn for special occasions?
  • Is his or her lifestyle sporty, elegant, messy, relaxed?

Observe how your future fiancé dresses, looks at clothing and jewelry, and displays their aesthetic. General tastes do not usually change much. If you get a ring to match the person you know now, it’s highly likely it will match them for life.

Is There an Allergy to Metal?

An important point to find out is whether your life partner has a sensitivity to any type of metal. This fact guides the type of metal you select for the band. Some metals used for rings contain nickel, copper, or lead, which tend to cause the most allergies. Selecting platinum or very pure gold can eliminate the risk of a metal allergy putting the damper on your special day.

Should You Go Custom, Redesign an Old Favorite, or Choose a Ring From the Case?

The question of style goes back to what your partner enjoys and appreciates.

  • For a traditional look or to follow the current trend, you may be able to select a ring from those you see in the jeweler’s case. Jewelers often have a broad selection of best-selling styles.
  • If you want something from a specific designer, do a little homework to find a jeweler that sells work from that designer.
  • Do you have an old ring that you think would make a fabulous engagement ring? Bring it in. A jeweler can help to determine whether or not you should update the setting or reset the stones in a custom band.
  • If your partner prefers unique pieces or has an aesthetic that doesn’t follow the fads, a custom ring may be the answer to your needs.

A custom engagement ring has a one-of-a-kind design that is uniquely yours. You have the freedom to select the stone, metal, shape, and setting to create an engagement ring that no one else will have. It integrates with your partner’s style and show off those characteristics you love so much about them.

Considering a Ring Stack?

If you watched the latest Royal Wedding, you may have seen that a ring stack was the choice of Prince Harry and his bride. A ring stack consists of the engagement ring with a matching wedding band that surrounds the engagement stone or band. You may also hear it called a ring surround.

When selecting an engagement ring, you can choose from matching ring stack designs, with the idea of completing the stack on the wedding day. Even if you don’t decide at the time you purchase an engagement ring, you and your fiancé may be able to find a suitable surround later.

The Secret to Finding Out the Ring Size

The average size for a man’s ring is 9, while a woman’s is 6, but there is no guarantee that your potential spouse wears that size. Try taking a friend or family member into your confidence to see if they can “borrow” a ring without letting the secret out. A jeweler can get the correct size from the borrowed one and the surprise will be complete.

Add Color to Your Palette

If you don’t feel drawn to a traditional diamond solitaire, you have a rainbow of colors available using colored diamonds and other gems.

Some very beautiful engagement rings have a central colored gem surrounded by small diamonds. Sapphires are nearly as hard as diamonds and are durable enough for a lifetime of wear. Talk to your jeweler about the relative hardness of other gems that draw your eye. Even stones and gems that are softer can still make a robust engagement ring with the right design.

Many gems, including diamonds, can be cut in a variety of shapes. If you don’t know the lingo, you can still look at examples that appeal to you. Bring an image to your jeweler to find out whether that shape is workable for the stone you want.

Finding a Jeweler

There are many places that carry engagement rings or offer to create custom ring. While online shopping is popular, a ring is something best handled in person. You need to see how it looks in the light, not just the way it sparkles in a professional photo. Besides, you can’t have a real-time dialog with an online seller, who may not be a jeweler.

Chain jewelers abound, but you may not find the unique ring you want. Most chains limit themselves to traditional engagement rings with a few trendy new styles thrown in. They may offer custom rings, but if you can’t work directly with the designer, you may not receive the ring you dreamed of.

An independent local jeweler in Houston often has the largest selection of stones, metals, and designs available for you to choose from because they stock more than just the big designers. Also, you receive individualized service from someone who has worked with engagement rings for many years and can offer perspectives that the staff at the store in the mall won’t have.

As you search for the place to buy your engagement ring, find out where the stones come from, who implements the designs, and the policies and prices for returns, resizing, and upgrades. Ask about a lifetime warranty - with hard stones, the jeweler should have no problem offering a lifetime warranty.

Deciding to pop the question opens the doors to a whole new world. Start your journey with a reputable independent jeweler like Inter-Continental Jewelers. We offer a lifetime warranty, a complimentary ring sizing, and a wealth of experience to guide you to the perfect ring for that perfect someone.

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