Eternity Band Diamond Rings

Eternity Band Diamond Rings

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Today, the eternity band is a specific piece of wedding jewelry that's popular among brides and grooms alike. Brides choose bands that complement their engagement rings, grooms get to wear gemstones too, and their unending love is symbolized by the unending diamond circles on their fingers. However, the gem-studded metal band isn't a new invention, and its appearance and purpose have changed over time.

Definition of the Eternity Band Diamond Ring

Technically, an eternity band is a metal ring that includes a continuous row of diamonds or other gemstones. Diamond eternity bands range from the modest to the multi-carat, and they're available in men's, women's and unisex styles. The diamonds that circle the finger are usually the same size and shape, but sometimes there's an alternating pattern or colored gems are included.

Difference Between Half and Full

The traditional eternity band is considered "full", because another variation is the half eternity band. At first glance, the gems seem to continue around the ring; however, they actually stop halfway, so every gem is visible on the face. This is a more affordable way to incorporate larger stones, and it's a hardier style because there are no exposed stones on the palm or between the fingers.

Evolution Throughout History

Circular jewelry has symbolized permanent commitment for more than 3,000 years. The ouroboros, which depicted a snake with its tail in its mouth, was already a circular symbol of immortality when Egyptian hieroglyphs began to reference rings of braided, grass-like plants. Ancient couples exchanged these rings and wore them after the ceremonies, but over time, wedding jewelry became a feminine tradition.

It wasn't until the 1920's that modern couples actually began to exchange two wedding rings again. Until then, it was common to see women with an engagement ring, wedding ring, or both, but men's fingers were usually bare after marriage. As this changed, another jewelry trend was exploding: the diamond engagement ring. As men started wearing precious metal rings, diamonds became an engagement essential, so it's only natural that the two trends have now converged.

Thanks to the eternity band, men are finally including diamonds and other gemstones in their wedding rings too. Some couples want matching wedding rings, so they customize diamond eternity bands with different stone sizes. Others pick out individual jewelry that captures their own interests while representing the bond they share. Even as a standalone piece, the eternity band is hard to beat.

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