Engagement Rings In Houston

Engagement Rings In Houston

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Engagement Rings In Houston

Engagement Rings in Houston for That Special Someone

Ladies please look away, this one is for the Gents.

Do you find yourself scratching your head looking for that perfect engagement ring? You are not alone. Needless to say, a diamond engagement ring is an investment, and choosing the right one can be challenging. How are you going to make sure to find the ring your intended likes but will still be a wise purchase? By allowing Inter-Continental Jewelers’ experts guide you through the process today! Here’s a bit of advice about buying that all important ring.

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The First Step

Determine your budget. Be realistic about what you can afford. You don’t have to exceed your limits before popping the question--the wedding will do that for you! Once you have set your budget, you can find an abundance of fabulous diamond engagement rings within that range on our website. We are one of the most reputable jewelry stores in Houston who provide the highest level of quality with wholesale prices. Look and see for yourself!

Let Her Finger Shape Direct You

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Fingers come in many shapes and sizes. Think about the shape of her hand before deciding on a particular design. Does she have short fingers or long fingers with big knuckles? If she is on the petite side, it’s best to avoid wide bands to elongate her finger. All these characteristics play a pivotal role in either accentuating or de-emphasizing the beauty of the ring on her hand.

Quick Tip: For big knuckles, the solution is to square the shank in the back, so the engagement ring does not slide around the finger. Also, thicker bands draw attention to the ring instead of the middle of the finger.

Pay Attention to Her Style

Look at the jewelry your sweetheart wears on a daily basis. Is it silver with intricate designs? Then go with 14K White Gold with ornate detailing. If she wears only a few chunky Yellow Gold pieces, then take it from there. An assured way to know what style she likes wearing is to keenly observe her accessorizing habits. Does she love loud, vibrant colors or elegant white diamonds? Any particular preference should be kept in mind when picking the right engagement ring.

Decide on Diamond and Metal Setting

It is critical to do your homework on diamonds and precious metals before making a purchase. Be sure to know your Four Cs (cut, clarity, color, carat) and the different types of metals offered. From there, ask yourself what is her style? Does she like vintage or modern? If she usually wears enormous, intricate jewelry, buying her a discreet, simple solitaire probably won’t cut it; and likewise vise versa. Use your observations to help you decide her style in jewelry.

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Don’t Panic about Ring Sizing

Many clever men have brought in a current ring of their beloved’s to use for sizing. If that can work for you without her noticing, then bravo! But if you do find yourself ready to make the purchase without an official ring size, no worries. We offer a free ring sizing after you have proposed! Convenient, wouldn’t you say?

Now What?

One of the most significant moments in any women’s life is her engagement--No pressure. If you are looking for a diamond engagement ring in Houston, you have come to the right place for quality and savings. Once you’ve bought the ring, you can breathe. With all the pressure of ring buying you may have forgotten that now you have to propose! No worries though. Once she sees you are both diamond and financially savvy shopping at Inter-Continental Jewelers, we know she‘ll shout out YES!


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