How to Shop for Diamonds in Houston This Holiday Season

How to Shop for Diamonds in Houston This Holiday Season

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How to Shop for Diamonds in Houston

Are you shopping for the holidays? Stores are creating decorations, and the season is bustling with diamond trends and options. While jewelers are outfitting their lines for runways, fashion magazines and red carpets, buyers are becoming informed. Getting in and out of the store is important, and having a “knowledge tool-belt” can make searching easier. Whether you’re looking for a gift or self-purchase, check out these holiday buying tips when shopping in Houston.

It’s all About the Wrist

Every designer has featured prime wrist inclusions this holiday season. When searching for the best diamonds, don’t forget about bracelets. Bracelet options are great for those with everything else, and they’re a common holiday choice. Bracelets and cuffs work well together, too, and they’re often available with modern jewelry collections.

Tennis Bracelet

2 CTW Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Bold is Better

Big earrings, big cuffs and big necklaces are all the rage. Fall runways deliver winter fashions, and the “big” trend is inflating. If you’re searching for a lover’s gift, or, if you can’t reach the big-time diamonds, bold selections are excellent alternatives to rare and expensive options.

Bold selections are available without budget-breaking expenses, too, and seeking melee diamonds within dazzling inlays is ideal for those considering obtaining a grading report. Laser inscriptions are always a viable option, and diamonds reaching .15 carats are adaptable to bold bands, rings and earrings.

Engagement Trends

'Tis the season for engagement! Holiday seasons are popular for proposals, and many “holiday purchasing guides promote engagement ring trends”. Often, halo styles headline November and December—becoming a hot commodity in spring months.

Additionally, colored gemstones and diamonds are becoming increasingly popular when surrounded by engagement diamonds. Checking up on new trends may be useful, and shopping for such surrounding gemstones can save pocket money while remaining eloquent, caring and trendy.

Blast into the Past with Period Pieces

Did you know period pieces are incredibly affordable, look great and are widely accessible? Popular design eras have accessed modern styles, remaining classic while inspiring innovative design selections.

Such popularity has been inspired by recent 20’s film remakes, and will likely continue for several years. When shopping for diamonds this holiday season, consider 19th and early 20th century selections. These diamonds often provide fancy cuts, and they’re both vintage and affordable. When reaching your diamond outlet, ask for “vintage-inspired” designs, and check out some old-cut styles re-imagined for neo appeal.

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