Houston-Inspired Custom Jewelry Ideas

Houston-Inspired Custom Jewelry Ideas

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Houston-Inspired Custom Jewelry Ideas

The Bayou City is one-of-a-kind, and your diamond jewelry should be too. Instead of browsing display cases to find the perfect fit, take advantage of our customization options to make it your own. Your hometown is part of who you are, and Houston-inspired jewelry lets you take a piece of it everywhere you go.

Show Your Pride with Houston Colors

From the Texan flag to the Houston Texans' team colors, Houston is always rocking the red, white and blue. The city even hosts one of the country's biggest fireworks displays, Freedom Over Texas, and "Houston" was the first word uttered after America won the race to the moon. If you're proud to be a Texan American, add some spirited color to your next piece of diamond jewelry.

Sapphire Ring

3mm Diamond and Sapphire Band in 14k White Gold; 0.90 Carat Total Weight
You can create a ring like this with rubies in place of the larger sapphires, unless you're a Cowboy's fan.

Ruby and sapphires complement opaque diamonds nicely, creating a medley of patriotic colors, but you could also opt for an arrangement of blue, pink and colorless diamonds. Of course, you can always invest in a diamond tennis bracelet and pair it with red and blue bangles or nail polish. What's more patriotic than a stripe of shiny stars?

Design a Diamond Ring with Star Power

Houston is Beyoncé's hometown, so it's fitting that Jay Z gave her a Texas-sized engagement ring. Queen Bey unveiled the $5 million, 18-carat stunner in 2008 after pulling off a secret wedding, and jewelers immediately clamored to copy the look. Even if you're not a millionaire, you can borrow inspiration from the ring that turned Houston's brightest star from a Single Lady into Mrs. Carter. Her emerald cut traps light inside the diamond to keep it brilliant, but you don't need 18 carats to enjoy the same effect.

If you want your ring to have star power too, choose an emerald cut with perfect polish and symmetry, then give it a solitaire setting in a platinum band. The setting puts the diamond front and center, and the platinum won't contrast with it the same way yellow gold would. White gold or silver are decent alternatives that will still look similar.

Celebrate Houston's Big Heart

If Beyonce's bling isn't your thing, you can honor Houston's newest nickname, "The Big Heart", with a heart-shaped diamond instead. This creative cut is charming and feminine, and it's a great way to pay homage to Houston for stepping in during Hurricane Katrina. Of course, it's also fitting for a romantic proposal, especially if you add a personal engraving to thank her for stealing your heart.

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