Houston-Inspired Custom Engagement Rings Ideas

Houston-Inspired Custom Engagement Rings Ideas

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Houston-Inspired Custom Engagement Rings Ideas

Houston is home to thriving industries, rich cultural icons and imaginative innovation around every corner. High quality jewelers often design customized engagement rings for brides-to-be, focusing upon the area’s acute touches and nods to eloquence, fashion and hip culture. Finding the “perfect” engagement ring needn’t be difficult when options are presented—and Houston has provided its own display of Texas ingenuity for customized ring-seekers:

The Katie Holmes Traditional Engagement Ring is Trending

Katie Holmes is renowned for her class, traditional attitude and iconic “Texas” direct approach. When searching for customized engagement rings, many shoppers turn to her style of ring for answers. This ring’s thin frame displays its center-piece’s stone—granting the wearer a minimalist, timeless inclusion. Filled with eloquence, but sparing over-the-top complexity, Katie Holmes’s ring style has been fashioned into many related styles.

It’s Not About Time. It’s About Eternity

Eternity Band

Diamond Eternity-Style Ring

The eternity-style engagement ring has made a resurgence in Houston, and it’s become familiarized with the city’s lush, thriving culture. Reflective of the area’s increasing adolescent culture and platinum-attitude acquisition style, eternity-style engagement rings will likely be relevant in upcoming generations, too, making it a fantastic option for newly-weds. Customizable with sapphire replacements, eternity-style rings contain endless style opportunities.

The Pearl is a Perfect Choice

The one-of-a-kind, artistic “Perfect Pearl” design has skyrocketed in popularity recently, and its inclusion to customized wedding rings is astounding. Highly flexible, unique and classy, the Perfect Pearl design promote the city’s nod towards individuality and a creative future. Spouses diverging from “round-cut” designs can obtain a modernized, yet antique, feel from the pearl engagement ring design. The Perfect Pearl, while making a new emergence into Houston’s market, is widely customizable, making it both unique and accessible.

Perfection in the Halo

While many wedding band designs exist, and while many seek portrayal of timeless, ageless beauty, the simplified “halo” design has become increasingly popular among Houston newlyweds. Often containing a single, unified pave-set diamonds, the halo ring is highly customizable, making it ideal for round, brilliant diamond inclusion and shared prong customization. Many customized inlays surround a larger, centerfold diamond, and many soon-to-be’s have acquired the design’s cushion-shaped center—perfect for the surrounding halo exemplifying unity, cultural balance and growth.

While many options exist, couples can obtain a variety of custom-tailored ring selections to exemplify love and commitment. Where loose diamonds are considered, the above options—sans the Perfect Pearl—all contain many variations. Houston’s wedding band selections have never been better, all supported through the city’s timeless expansion.

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