Best Engagement Rings Houston

Best Engagement Rings Houston

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Best Engagement Rings Houston

Buying the Best Wholesale Diamonds for your Engagement Ring in Houston

Buying wholesale diamonds has become easier than ever since the Internet has become a real shopping option for people across the world. It used to be that you had to visit your jeweler stores in Houston to get a diamond, but now you can shop online for the diamond of your choice.

The problem with shopping with jewelers in your local community is the selection. Most jewelers are very small and if they do carry wholesale diamonds, their selections are limited. This means you’ll have to travel from store to store in order to find the diamond you really want. You will usually have to pay a much higher price as well, since these jewelry stores usually have a very high overhead and have to mark up the price of their diamonds to reflect that.

At Inter-Continental, our customers can browse our selection of diamonds in a pressure-free, convenient environment. Our diamond QUALITY descriptions and competitive wholesale diamond PRICES are clearly presented to ensure an easy, informed shopping experience. You'll enjoy budget-friendly pricing without sacrificing the personal service offered by the finest diamond and jewelry retailers. If you purchase our wholesale diamonds on our website, you will save money and have the best selection at your fingertips. It is possible to get diamonds at a real wholesale price on the net since the overhead is low and you can purchase them right from us, 'the supplier' instead of the retailer.

Another major benefit shopping with Inter-Continental is that you get to see the diamond of your choice before you make a purchase. In other words, you can take your time choosing your diamond and engagment ring online and then stop by our showroom to see it in person, all while consulting with a diamond expert. You will walk away happy with a much superior wholesale diamond then if you had shopped at your local store.

Our quality certified diamonds are tested and graded GIA or EGL USA, and a gemological report is accompanied with every purchase. We are diamond experts whom have been in this industry for over 35 years. Throughout the years, our experts have become more particular and exclusive with their diamond and jewelry selections, as well as more thorough and precise. They have truly developed an eye for prefection that only time and experience can bring. Let our diamond experts guide you through buying wholesale diamonds online today.

What We Offer Our Customers:

Guaranteed best value
Huge engagement ring selection
Huge loose and certified diamond selection
Speak with a diamond expert not a commissioned salesperson
Get your ring fast even if you custom order it
Custom design or modify any design
You see the diamond you are buying
Financing available


Enjoy Savings 50% - 70% Below Retail

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