Buying Diamonds Wholesale

Buying Diamonds Wholesale

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Buying Diamonds Wholesale

Engagement Rings Cost, but you don't have to be cheap

You don't have to be cheap to buy an affordable engagement ring. Make the smart decision by looking for engagement rings at wholesaler prices. Are diamond engagement rings wholesale a good idea? The first thing most people think about when they are deciding to purchase an engagement ring is, “How much do I spend on one?” Some people will tell you to spend two months' worth of income. Others say it should be more. But what they all fail to realize is that spending more money does not necessarily mean you are getting a nicer engagement ring. In fact, if you go to a big retail jewelry store, you may be getting a very poor quality, yet cheap engagement ring.

So why would buying diamond engagement rings wholesale be a good idea?

  1. It shows you are being smart with your money. Diamond engagement rings wholesale can be up to 50-75 percent off the regular prices. Those savings will allow you to spend more money on the wedding itself, or even saving it for your marriage. A responsible adult will make smarter choices with his money. Buying diamond engagement rings wholesale is a great first step.

  2. You can buy diamonds wholesale without sacrificing quality. If you have the choice between two of the exact same car but at different prices, which would you choose? If they have the same features, the same stunning look, but one costs $20,000 and one costs $10,000, wouldn't you pick the $10,000 one? Likewise, if you have a beautiful engagement ring that costs $5,000, and the diamond engagement rings wholesale are selling for $2,500, why wouldn't you choose the $2,500 one? There is no drop in quality with wholesale engagement rings, so make the better choice.

  3. It allows you to focus on the ring and not the price. Stop having to limit yourself to a certain section of engagement rings because you can't afford the “better” ones. Buying diamond engagement rings wholesale frees you up to explore all sorts of options when choosing a ring. That lets you focus on what will make her the happiest, which is exactly the thing you should be focusing on when making this important decision.

Diamond engagement rings wholesale offer great value and exceptional quality, especially when buying from Intercontinental Jewelers. Ditch the retailers and start allowing yourself the opportunity to really find the ring of her dreams – contact us today at 713-785-9600!

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