Types of Engagement Rings Houston Offers

Who’s the Lady? Choosing the type of engagement ring depends on the gal getting the proposal

In-house jewelry manufacturing, a must-have when selecting a fine diamond ring vendor

Types of Engagement Rings Houston Offers

When looking for engagement rings, Houston hosts some of the finest jewelry vendors in the country, including Intercontinental Jewelers. It can be a daunting task to choose between all the different types of engagement rings, but it doesn’t have to be!

The first option is the classic engagement ring. A classic setting is a the perfect ring for a woman who wants a timeless look. Depending on the style chosen, these can be more expensive engagement rings, but because of the classic style they will stay relevant for a lifetime. Types of rings that fall into this category can be as simple as a solitaire stone in a simple setting, or multiple diamonds that are reminiscent of the Old Hollywood starlets.. If you are unsure of which type of ring to buy, the classic ring is always a fail-proof choice.

A modern engagement ring leans towards more intricate details on the setting. Halos, Pave, and even double halos are ways to achieve a very sparkly statement ring by adding size and detail around a single diamond. Get to know your future bride’s jewelry personality to determine whether or not these are a good fit for her.

Lastly, custom engagement rings designed for you by stores like Intercontinental Jewelers are the best offer whether you want classic and timeless or modern and bold. You can design your own engagement ring and we can craft it in-house to your exact desires. These rings provide the personal, unique look to bring you the ring of your dreams.

So which of the engagement rings Houston provides do you choose from? The key is to know the woman you are proposing to. What types of rings does she like? Equally as important, what does she not like? If she is a little more traditional, the classic engagement ring is perfect. If she leans more on the trendy side, a more modern ring fits the bill. If she has a very distinct look or enjoys separating herself from the crowd, then you definitely want a custom engagement ring. Houston has stores that can provide these services for you, but Intercontinental Jewelers manufactures jewelry in-house, ensuring you the perfect look that you want to give that special someone.

ICJ Is A Jeweler That Offers Quality Diamond Engagement Rings Houston Residents Have Been Cherishing For Years

A marriage proposal is one of the biggest events for a couple, whether you’re the one proposing or the one receiving the proposal. If you’re the latter, this should be one of the most romantic moments in your life, something you may have been dreaming about since you were very young. If you are the one proposing, you’ve probably spent a lot of time thinking about how and where to propose along with finding that perfect diamond ring that she will fall in love with. At Inter-Continental Jewelers you will find some of the finest quality diamonds at fantastic prices.

At Inter-Continental Jewelers, we’re aware that diamonds are a large investment and we want to put you at ease when it comes to choosing the right one. There are many jewelers in the area, but when it comes to engagement rings Houston residents have been choosing Inter-Continental Jewelers for years. We offer not only some of the best looking, highest quality diamonds; we offer savings that simply cannot be found elsewhere. We spend a lot of time searching for exquisite diamonds and putting those diamonds through a stringent quality control process, so that we’re only offering our customers the very best jewelry and diamond engagement rings.

Many of our customers find us when they are looking for an engagement ring and continue Inter-Continental Jewelers in the future when they need anniversary gifts, birthday surprises, and other special occasions. We always enjoy hearing from our customers after they’ve popped the big question and hearing about the how much she loved the engagement ring. In the case that things don’t go as planned, we also offer a 30 day return policy. We want you to be self-assured in your selection so that you’re confident when you ask one of the most important questions in your life.