The Cuts of Diamonds

Cuts of diamonds offer variety of styles and price ranges for everyone

Explore your options from round,Oval or Cushion cut at Inter-Continental Jewelers

The diamonds found in jewelry stores around Houston come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and – most importantly – quality. So where do you start and what should you look for?

For basic diamonds, Houston stores start with a variety of different cuts. These cuts can make the difference between fairly inexpensive rings and very expensive engagement rings.

The round diamond is the most popular of all the diamond cuts. Its simple shape and elegant sparkle attract the eye, and they are one of the more affordable cuts of diamond. Houston stores everywhere will carry plenty of round diamond engagement rings, as this is the best-selling cut of diamonds.

Princess diamond cuts are another popular variation. Houston retailers will also carry an inventory of princess-cut diamonds. Its unique cut is a crowd-pleaser, and it shines brilliantly. Here the diamond is cut into more of a square shape, and the final shape is tailored for as much light reflection as possible.

Heart diamonds are not as easy to find in local Houston jewelry retailers. The cut is just as it sounds: a diamond cut in the shape of a sparkling heart. If you feel this romantic setting is for you, you can always build your own engagement ring and incorporate the heart diamond. They may be hard to find elsewhere, but Intercontinental Jewelers would love to help make this dream a reality for you.

Other great cuts of diamonds include the oval diamond, the emerald diamond, and the cushion diamond. With so many different choices to make, how can one choose the cut of diamond to suit your personal style? Choosing among all these complicated choices usually involves a conversation with your future fiancé, a mother/sister, or best friend to see what she likes. Many women are very particular as to what kinds of diamond cuts they prefer to have. Because you want the wedding proposal to be perfect, it’s important to know what your future fiance likes seeing as you are presenting her with something she will wear for the rest of her life.

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Inter-Continental Jewelers Offers Quality Diamonds Houstonians Can Count On When people think diamonds, they almost always immediately think of engagement rings. While diamond engagement rings tend to be the reason most people are interested in diamonds, at Inter-Continental Jewelers we’ve found many different occasions that Houston residents have been purchasing diamonds. Diamond stud earrings, diamond pendant necklaces, even wholesale diamonds, are all different types of diamonds that are being purchased. The reason that diamonds are so popular is because they’re beautiful no matter how they’re being used. The key, however, is finding a diamond retailer that has an in-depth knowledge of the diamond industry.

It’s very difficult for many people to tell the difference between a quality diamond and one that isn’t, and unfortunately it is not uncommon for those in the diamond business to take advantage of their customers. This can make the process of choosing a diamond, for many reasons, intimidating. Diamonds are an expensive investment piece and no one wants to waste money on a bad investment.

Inter-Continental Jewelers has a reputation of providing services and diamonds Houston residents can trust. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase, which is why we offer a 30 day return policy on our merchandise (excluding unusually sized rings or engraved items).

With over 40 years of experience in the jewelry industry, we have not only the knowledge but the connections to ensure that we are bringing our customers the best quality diamonds and jewelry at the lowest possible prices. We spend time visiting the top manufacturing facilities and diamond cutting centers in order to find great designs and excellent value. This has led to us being able to save our customers 50-75% compared to retail costs. We make the jewelry ourselves and put each piece through a quality assurance process because standing behind the reputation we’ve built over the years by providing diamonds our customers greatly appreciate.

We know that no matter what the occasion you’re purchasing a diamond or a piece of fine jewelry, it is a big moment. We understand the importance of those big moments and we want to be their to guide you through the memorable and exciting process.