Diamond Clarity is Key

Diamond clarity a key factor for length of diamond's life and its long-term quality

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When you begin shopping for your diamond ring in Houston, one of the first things you hear about are the Four “C's”: cut, color, carat, and clarity. Sometimes, a fifth “C” is there, too: cost. Some of these concepts are very simple to determine (cost, for example, is easy to understand). However, clarity is difficult to determine to the naked untrained eye. So, what is diamond clarity?

Clarity is the appearance of a diamond upon a very close inspection. When a jeweler looks very closely with a diamond loupe at a diamond, he or she is determining the clarity of the diamond. The clarity is what can affect the longevity and the long-term quality of the diamond.

In Houston, diamond jewelers want you to buy stones with a high level of clarity. However, this pure clarity can lead to rather expensive engagement rings and other pieces of jewelry. When analyzing a stone's clarity, diamond experts assign the stone a grade based on the blemishes and flaws in the diamond. These flaws can include:

  1. Cloudiness
  2. Knots
  3. Other Minerals or Crystals
  4. Grains
  5. Chips
  6. Scratches

Those without flaws are given the incredibly rare grade of “Flawless.” In fact, a flawless ring would be a rather unique engagement ring – and very expensive, too. The vast majority of diamonds do have some flaws, but they generally do not affect the structural integrity of the stone. Sometimes, cracks can be deep enough to cause damage to the stone, but a well-researched diamond should last throughout the years.

Start visiting jewelry stores in Houston and see what types of diamonds they have available. Diamonds will come with certification, detailing their grades and confirming their clarity. Depending on your budget, you will probably want a “Very Slightly Included (VS1 or VS2)” or a “Very Very Slightly Included (VVS1 or VVS2).” These stones make excellent engagement rings.

The final clarity grade is determined by the size of the flaws, as well as the number of them and where they are located on the diamond. In Houston, diamond clarity is rightfully held to a high standard, as it is held in other parts of the world where the diamond is seen to be an important symbol of wealth and success. For beautiful diamonds with high clarity grades, call us today at 713-785-9600.

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Diamonds continue to be an enduring symbol of everlasting love, status, and power. Although the symbolism associated with diamonds continues to have a powerful effect, this is not the only reason why diamonds continue to be popular in most cultures throughout the world. Indeed, these beautiful stones are a wonder, especially in diamond stud earring form.

There is no denying that a diamond ring is an elegant, fulfilling, and beautiful piece of jewelry, yet the same can also be said of diamond stud earrings. However, it should be noted that beauty is just one reason why people continue to fall in love with these earrings. When purchasing earrings, the diamond is the focus, rather than the entire presentation of the diamond as with an engagement ring. You may end up paying more when purchasing an engagement ring because in addition to the diamond you must purchase the setting, any additional diamonds in the setting, and eventually the wedding band. The only cost incurred for diamond studs are the individual diamonds themselves.

With regard to the specific diamond size, a smaller diamond within a pair of diamond stud earrings can certainly go a long way! Naturally, bigger is not always better when purchasing these earrings, and depending on the style and preferences of the person who will wear the earrings, a smaller and less expensive diamond can still look absolutely breathtaking. It’s also important to mention that these earrings can make for a very romantic and exciting gift.

Diamond stud earrings are without a doubt, beautiful jewelry pieces which can be loved and enjoyed for many years to come, and if you are interested in learning more about these stunning earrings, then be sure to continue browsing through the rest of the Inter-Continental Jewelry website. If you have any specific questions regarding any of the beautiful and high quality items found at our Houston diamond store, then please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.