About Pave Diamond Engagement Rings

Pave Diamond Engagement Rings: An Unbelievable Sparkle You'll Want Your Ring to Have

Learn about how pave settings reflect light to give them that extra sparkle


When someone mentions pave diamonds, many men look dumbfounded. Pave diamond engagement rings have actually been around for some time now, and chances are, you have seen them already. They type of settings using pave diamonds can range from subtle to flashy.

Pave diamond engagement rings are designed to look as though the ring is literally made of diamonds. Where a channel setting displays a line of diamonds that are held in place with the metal of the ring, pave diamond engagement rings look as though the diamonds stand alone, and each stone is set individually, allowing more light to reflect off the diamond – giving it a more sparkly look.

Pave diamond engagement rings, however, do not need to be expensive engagement rings. If you shop around and do your research, you can have a very elegant pave setting with a nice diamond for a relatively inexpensive price. One way to do this is to buy the diamonds wholesale, which would allow you to have a more affordable center stone. In fact, you can buy entire wholesale engagement rings, and you could save on the diamond as well as the pave setting.

You can choose between three types of pave diamond engagement rings. One has a single row of diamonds on each side of the center stone. This is a common, simple setting. Because the diamonds are of the same width as the band, the ring appears to be made of diamonds, with the larger center stone in the middle.

The second design is very similar to the first, except rows of diamonds are set on each side of the one row at an angle, so that the band becomes wider and even more attractive to the eye. These pave diamond engagement rings are very stunning, especially with a high-quality center stone.

Third, you may simply have a pave setting without the center stone. The smaller diamonds would line the top of the band, and that would be it. It is a more subtle form of the pave diamond engagement rings.

So, which one should you buy? That depends on the person who will be wearing it. If possible, she may want the eye-catching setting with the multiple rows of diamonds and large center stone. If this is the case, now is the time to start shopping around for great deals on pave diamond engagement rings.

Inter-Continental Jewelers Offers The Finest Pave Diamond Engagement Rings In Houston

If you’ve been considering proposing or have decided to start doing your research, you may not be aware of just how many options you have and what types of decisions you’ll need to make before you choose that perfect ring. At Inter-Continental Jewelers, we recognize that for most people shopping for diamond engagement rings, this is their first time in the market for diamond jewelry.

Whereas other jewelry stores in Houston see these customers as opportunities to make a higher profit, we take a much different approach. We want our customers to feel comfortable and confident in their purchase knowing that they’ve found an excellent value. Whether you’re searching for a traditional ring or looking for pave diamond engagement rings in Houston, you’ll find that at Inter-Continental Jewelers, you’re dealing with people that understand this industry and have a passion for it.

Many of our first time shoppers aren’t aware that there are so many different kinds of engagement rings available. Pave diamond engagement rings are an increasingly popular choice because of how modern and elegant they can be. These rings appear to be made of nothing but diamonds, as the band is also covered in diamonds, which makes them a unique engagement ring. But just because there are more diamonds, doesn’t mean they’re overly expensive. Because of our process of finding the world’s best diamonds and making all of our own jewelry, Inter-Continental is able to offer our customers much lower prices compared to the retail prices found elsewhere.

It’s always recommended that you do a little research on your own before you begin shopping so that you have an idea of what you’re looking. Having a basic understanding of the shapes and sizes you and your fiance like with make your showroom visit much more enjoyable. We love answering questions and explaining the different facets of the rings and jewelry we have available. You’ll find that when it comes to jewelry and pave diamond engagement rings in Houston, that there aren’t any establishments that treat their customers with the same kind of respect that we do at Inter-Continental Jewelers.