A Guide to Expensive Engagement Rings

Expensive Engagement Rings Guide: Size, Quality, Precious Metals All Factors in Determining Cost

Read our helpful guide to learn how you'll know if you are getting a fair price or being overcharged

You have decided to propose, and you are browsing the expensive engagement rings. After all, you can afford it, and you want your future fiancé to enjoy nothing but the best. But there are plenty of places you can go to purchase expensive engagement rings – how do you know where to go without getting cheated out of your money? You don’t want to spend $40,000 on a ring that is only worth $5,000. So here are some things to watch for when looking at expensive engagement rings:

What is the ring made out of? If you find expensive engagement rings made out of white gold, chances are it is overpriced. Truly expensive engagement rings are made out of platinum or even titanium in some cases. Gold is inexpensive and more common for the average engagement ring. If you want to go expensive, platinum is a great choice.

How big is the diamond? This is obvious: the bigger the diamond, the more expensive. Engagement rings and their diamonds are determined by carat. A one-half carat ring may not be very expensive, but a two- or three-carat ring will start driving up the price. However, do not focus simply on the size of diamond engagement rings

Is the diamond of the highest quality? Expensive engagement rings are expected to have the finest diamonds. The cut, clarity, color, and carat all factor into the cost. Make sure that you have very high standards for the diamond that you are going to include. A big diamond is not worth much if it is not of the highest quality.

Is it possible to customize your own engagement ring? Many people like to put their own spin on their engagement ring and create one. This leads to more expensive engagement rings, but the personal touch is considered worth it. Look at different styles and cuts and decide on a unique engagement ring that will show your endless love to your future spouse.

Intercontinental Jewelers loves to help people select expensive engagement rings, and our quality is top-notch. With our assistance and this guide, you can make an informed decision – buying expensive engagement rings because of the beauty and meaning that they share, and not just because of their price.