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Buy Diamonds in Houston

This page is all about diamonds!

Browse Houston Inter-Continental Jewelers’ extensive diamond criteria to find the right diamond for you.

Here at Houston Inter-Continental Jewelers, our diamonds are some of the highest-quality and most inexpensive. We offer the best priced diamonds for the highest quality within the entire city of Houston, and maintain one of the best diamond selections within the state of Texas.

Houston Diamond Jewelry Store with Experience

Houston Diamond Jewelry Store

We do sell a variety of gemstone jewelry, but we specialize in diamonds. We at Houston-Intercontinental Jewelers have over 35 years of experience.

Our prices, variety, and overall experience qualify us as the one-stop shop for all of your celebratory diamond jewelry needs.

Browse our diamond selection using our interactive criteria below to find the most felicitous diamond for your preferences. We at Houston Inter-Continental Jewelers are poised to help you find exactly the diamond you’re looking for.

Find the Right Diamond at Houston Inter-Continental Jewelers.

Inter-Continental Jewelers has the best diamonds for you, and you can use this page to find the right discount diamonds for you.

First, use the sliding arrows to set your diamond budget range. Value-wise, we have the best diamond prices in Houston. You can also type in the fields below the arrows precisely what your range is. To the right of that area, you can then choose the range of carat size of the diamond you want. After that, specify what color, clarity, and cut you prefer. Remember that "cut" does not refer to the shape of the diamond, but the way it is cut. If you have your heart set on princess cut diamonds or round engagement diamonds, then the field for diamond shape is helpfully laid out towards the top of the page with pictures so you can easily understand the differences between each.

You'll notice that as you adjust each set of criteria, the results field at the bottom automatically updates. This helps you find the best diamonds for you! When you're searching for a diamond, Inter-Continental Jewelers is the place to do it, with over 35 years of experience in Houston, Texas.

Large Variety of Diamonds for Sale in Houston

In addition to round engagement diamonds and princess cut diamonds, we also have an incredible variety of radiant, trilliant, cushion, and many other types of diamonds for you to choose from. We also have a special selection of ideal cut diamonds that are among the most rare as graded by the GIA, AGS, and EGL. Ideal cut diamonds are the best cut diamonds on the market because they have the best and great display of sparkle. You can put a smaller ideal diamond next to a larger, non-ideal cut diamond, and the smaller diamond will generally look larger due to its excellent cut.

The diamonds that we offer are superior in quality and value compared to those available at other diamond jewelry stores.

Wholesale Diamonds in Houston

If you’re looking for diamonds, you’ve come to the right place.

We know there are many diamond jewelry stores out there, but there is only one place where you can find wholesale diamonds in Houston for all your engagement and celebratory needs. With a wide variety of various cuts in diamonds, Houston is your one stop shop for the best deals in Texas jewelry. Princess, oval, square, and everything in between, Inter-Continental Jewelers has the best selection out of any of the other diamond jewelry stores in Texas. Stop in today to browse wholesale diamonds Houston.