Custom made jewelry from Inter-Continental Jewelers starts with your requests and ends with "wow!"

Learn more about our custom design process, where we take your ideas and transform them into jewelry that you will love forever


14k White Gold Diamond Engagement Rings - Custom Designed

Custom 14K White Gold Marquise Halo Diamond & Sapphire Engagement Ring

Welcome to our Design Studio

At Inter-Continental Jewelers, every custom ring is a work of art inspired by love! Congratulations on deciding to custom design the ring of your dreams. We know your beloved will love wearing it as much as we will love creating it for you.

We are honored that you have placed your trust in us for this ever-so-important, precious item! We are experts at designing custom jewelry, so we know how to make the design process easy for you. At Inter-continental Jewelers, we manufacture all of the jewelry you’ll find at our store and on our website, so customizing a piece of jewelry unique to your taste is one of our fortes!

We know that our amazing customers have varying degrees of involvement in creating their own custom ring, wedding band, or memorable gift for themselves or a loved one. Some of our customers know exactly how they want their ring to look and will present a hand-sketched design to us. Some of our customers do not have a specific vision but perhaps describe adjectives to us such as “elegant,” “ understated,” “ vintage,” “opulent,” or “modern.” Some of our customers have a passion for precision and details, down to the spacing of each millimeter of a channel setting or the double halo they have requested to surround and enhance the center diamond. Some of our customers admire that we can take charge of the ring design if their time is limited. But no matter where you fall on our spectrum of involvement, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction! We can take any design idea you have and bring it to life! We have a passion for design, and we also have a passion for listening to what our customers want. We combine these two elements to build your forever ring.

If you are curious about the range of our design capabilities, wonder what designs our customers request the most, or are interested in learning how our design process takes concepts and turns them into solid masterpieces, then you will find the below lists and photographs most helpful!

We love to do all of the following design requests and more:

  1. Hand engraving on the band
  2. Hand engraving on the side profile
  3. Specific width ring shank
  4. Center engagement ring head placement
  5. Unique side profile
  6. Matching wedding band for an engagement ring to create a custom wedding set
  7. CAD image created from a sketch of a ring the customer provides
  8. Drawings we create from any ideas customers may have

We maintain rigorous quality control throughout the entire design process. Our expert team constantly double-checks and inspects each step of the design process to create your perfect ring. Plus, we communicate with you throughout the process so you can see your design take shape and address any questions or issues you may have.

The following steps will give you a general idea of how our custom design process works:

  1. Customers bring in sketches or pictures of the design they like.
  2. We create a sketch on paper to use as a working idea for the CAD process.
  3. We make a computer generated design using CAD - a special software for jewelry manufacturers - and show this computer aided design to the customer.
  4. At this point, we make design modifications if the customer requests any changes.
  5. Then we’ll make, or "mill," a wax mold of the custom ring design.
  6. We then cast the ring - a process in which liquid gold or platinum is poured onto the wax to create your final ring.
  7. The ring is then cleaned and polished and diamonds are set

Custom Design Pave Ring Final Photo

Custom Design Pave Ring side photo without diamonds

Custom Design Pave Ring top photo without diamonds

Custom Design Pave Ring wax mold side photo

Custom Design Pave Ring wax mold top photo

Custom Design Pave Ring final photo with 70 diamonds

Custom Design Pave Ring with 70 diamonds, wax mold side photo

Custom Design Pave Ring with 70 diamonds, wax mold top photo

Custom Design 3-Stone Ring, final photo

Custom Design 3-Stone Ring, wax mold side photo

Custom Design 3-Stone Ring, wax mold top photo

The gorgeous result of our design process will dazzle you and your sweetheart! It definitely dazzled Cynthia, one of our customers. She shared her experience designing her custom ring with us:.

“What an amazing experience! Inter-Continental Jewelers had a great selection of engagement and bridal settings, but also let us know they were able to design anything we were interested in. My fiancé and I picked a design and ICJ had it made in less than two weeks. When we saw the ring we were absolutely amazed, it was perfect!! The quality of the ring was amazing. The diamonds were of unbelievable quality, crystal clear in color and flawless! The whole experience was just amazing, from the price, the value, the quality, and the customer service. We were about to buy at one of the mall stores, until I came across Inter-Continental Jewelers. I am so glad I found them; they have a customer for life! I tell all my friends to go to Inter-Continental Jewelers before going anywhere else. DO NOT BUY ANYWHERE ELSE until you have at least come to Inter-Continental Jewelers first and looked for your jewelry”

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