Custom Jewelry Made in Houston Custom Jewelry Made in Houston

Custom Jewelry Made in Houston

We manufacture all of our jewelry in store, and for us, every ring is a work of art. All types of customers have come to us to create a masterpiece, so we know that different customers are wanting different levels of involvement.. Keep reading to learn our step by step design process and see some pictures of pieces we’ve helped create in the past.

Our Custom Design Process

1. Our Workshop

Our state of the art manufacturing work shop is located at 6222 Richmond Ave, Houston, Texas.

Our Workshop
Discussing Design Concept

2. Discussing Design Concept

To create a custom engagement ring we first sit down with our customer and get there idea as to what there expectations are for the design? Are they looking for solitaire diamond ring, a simple design or they want an elaborate design.

Mostly the young couples are looking for a petite design whereas slightly older customer is looking for a little wider band.

3. CAD Renderings

After first consultation we use CAD software to design the ring which takes 3-5 days and then they are sent to the customer for there approval. At this point customer can make changes if they so desire.

CAD Renderings
Wax Model and Casting

4. Wax Model and Casting

After the final cad approval the ring is milled to generate the wax and send to casting in 14K gold or platinum which takes 24 to 48 hours. It is tumbled in the ultra sonic machine to give shine to the metal. Jeweler then cleans and hand polishes the ring.

5. Diamond and Gemstones

Our diamond department provides the jeweler with perfectly matched appropriate size diamonds mostly in G color VS1 quality. Diamonds are hand set, ring is polished and after a final inspection is ready for delivery to our customer.

The whole process can take two to three weeks depending on the complexity of the design. Having said that we have made custom rings in as little as three to five days for a super rush order. Due to our vast experience with jewelry manufacturing we offer 100% satisfaction guarantee! Let's begin designing your ring today!

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Diamond and Gemstones