Princess Cut Diamond Rings

Princess Cut Diamond Rings

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Princess Diamond Rings | Inter-Continental Jewelers

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

When shopping for diamond engagement rings, you'll definitely be spoiled for choice. Even though diamonds are rare, there are still many companies that manufacture engagement rings. This means that in your journey to find the perfect engagement ring, you'll need to have an idea of what you're looking for so you can create a game plan to find it.

Has your intended mentioned what kind of cut she likes? Currently, the princess cut engagement ring is one of the most popular. With a clean, square shape, this cut complements long, slender hands beautifully. For an example, this 14K white gold engagement ring set features a princess cut center stone (not included) accented by round side stones to ensure a dazzling display whenever she looks at it or shows it to her friends and family. This kind of ring is just right for the woman who wants some sparkle but doesn't like an incredibly ornate setting. The matching band is set with eleven round diamonds that will shine as brilliantly as your love for years to come.

However, while this is a relatively modest design, your fiancée-to-be could be the type of woman who prefers even more simplicity. If so, then the solitaire engagement ring is the clear choice. Pictured here is a beautiful example of a classic diamond solitaire ring. Mounted on a solid 2mm band and set with an included half carat round diamond, this ring is striking in its sophisticated restraint. If you're looking for a traditional ring that is cut specifically to maximize the display of brilliance and fire, look no further than the round solitaire engagement ring.

There is always the possibility, though, that your girlfriend is the opposite of simple and restrained. She may already be dropping hints that she likes more ornate, intricate engagement rings. Or maybe you just know that you want to present her with a ring that's as complex and exquisite as she is. No matter what the reason, perhaps this ravishing 14K white gold engagement ring is what you're looking for. The center stone is NOT included, but we're here to help you choose the perfect center diamond to complement the .55 ctw of pavé diamonds gracing the delicate design of this ring.

These are just three examples that skim the surface of the vast selection we have for you to choose from at Inter-Continental Jewelers. From princess cut engagement rings to the classic solitaire engagement ring and everything between and beyond, we're here to help you make the right choice.

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