Custom Jewelry Design in Houston

Custom Jewelry Design in Houston

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Custom Jewelry Design in Houston

Shopping for an engagement ring can become a tedious task with so many of the same options and styles. We understand that every bride is unique and is in search of the perfect engagement ring to suit her taste. The ring of your dreams can become a reality! Inter-Continental Jewelers, located in Houston, TX, specializes in custom design jewelry and can help you design your dream diamond engagement ring exactly the way you envision. Custom designing your own ring is not simply choosing a setting and a diamond like some stores advertise. Instead, we design your engagement ring completely from scratch.

We Make Custom Jewelry Design a Simple Process

Custom 14K White Gold Marquise Halo Diamond & Sapphire Engagement Ring

Custom 14K white gold marquise halo diamond & sapphire engagement ring

Inter-Continental Jewelers makes custom designing your own ring a simple process. First, customers present ideas and photos of what they are looking for. Occasionally, we will create a rough sketch to use as a working idea. Our designer then generates a rendering of the ring using CAD software, and a stellar, exact representation of the requested design is presented to the customer. If the customer would like any changes, the design will be modified accordingly. Once the design is approved by the customer, we then make, or mill, a wax mold of the custom ring. This is followed by casting, the process in which the liquid metal (gold, platinum, etc) is poured into the mold. The ring is then cleaned and polished and the diamonds are meticulously set. Finally, the ring is thoroughly polished and cleaned one last time to ensure its nice sparkle. We have a very rigorous quality control and review every detail throughout the process.

Isn't Custom-Designed Jewelry Expensive?

People usually assume that custom design jewelry is way out of their budget, but Inter-Continental Jewelers makes it affordable at reasonable prices. We work with you to create your ideal ring within your budget.

How Long Does the Custom Jewelry Design Process Take?

A custom-designed ring takes approximately 2-3 weeks; however, depending on the level of difficulty and intricacy of the design, the process can take up to a few weeks. Everything is done on site locally in Houston, TX. Any changes made to the design will prolong the process. Nonetheless, we do our very best to accommodate our customers and their timeframe.

For more information on our custom design process, visit: If you would like a free quote for a design idea, feel free to e-mail us photos and details at You can also stop by our showroom located in Houston, TX, and we'll be happy to help you!

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