Wholesale and Loose Diamonds

How to Save Money by Buying Diamonds Wholesale

Educate yourself on buying diamonds wholesale

The first step towards buying any diamonds, from diamond engagement rings to diamond stud earrings, is to educate yourself on how to buy a diamond. This includes studying the “five C’s”: cut, clarity, color, carat, and cost. What’s the difference between a princess cut and an oval cut? What is the size difference between a ½ carat and a 2-carat diamond? How do these factors affect the cost of the diamond? All of these questions are ones you need to ask yourself throughout the diamond buying process.

Prioritize these factors

It is possible to find major discounts and deals on diamonds. Wholesale buying sometimes means having to make a sacrifice in one area in order to get what you want in a different area. For example, you may wish to keep the cost down, but you want a 2-carat diamond. One of these factors may need to be sacrificed: you may need to get a smaller diamond to keep the cost down, or you may need to pay a little more to get the size you desire. Or you may find the perfect stone, but you want a princess cut, and the stone is oval cut. Either you keep looking for a different one, or you sacrifice that desire.

Shop around for diamonds wholesale

Intercontinental Jewelers offers the best in diamonds wholesale, but we do want you to be an informed customer. Check out other jewelers. While we are confident in our prices and the quality of the diamonds we sell, as well as our service, we want you to compare us to other jewelers to demonstrate why you will prefer our locally-manufactured jewelry.

Buying diamonds wholesale is a smart move if you know what you are doing. Follow these tips and you will avoid wasting money on an overpriced stone, and you will reap the great benefits that come from the flexibility and price of wholesale diamonds. Then contact us today at 713-785-9600 to enjoy the great rewards that come from buying diamonds wholesale.


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By Choosing Wholesale Diamonds in Houston, You Receive both Quality and Value with Your Jewelry Purchase

[Posted on September 27]

If you're searching for diamond engagement rings you'll want to make sure that besides finding the perfect design, your ring also offers great value. That's because expensive engagement rings are a big purchase for many people and no one wants to spend more money than they have to, especially if they’re also running the risk of not getting the kind of quality they expect for the money. Those that have experience purchasing jewelry in the area often choose to search for diamonds wholesale in Houston because that represents one of the best ways to ensure that you’re getting both a quality diamond and saving money over the retail cost you’d otherwise pay.

Intercontinental Jewelers offers engagement rings and diamonds wholesale in Houston, just one of the reasons why we’ve served as the leading jeweler in the area for years. We spend a lot of time trying to find the highest quality diamonds at the lowest possible costs so that we’re able to pass that savings on to our customers. No diamond or piece of jewelry that we make will be seen by a customer until it’s gone through our rigorous quality control process, which is something we take very seriously. This way you can be certain that you’re not getting a diamond that is less valuable than it appears or you will know that you’re getting a piece of jewelry that has been made with quality in mind.

By choosing diamonds wholesale in Houston when you’re searching for diamond jewelry, whether it’s an engagement ring, diamond stud earrings, diamond pendants, diamond bracelets or another piece of fine jewelry, you’ll find that you’re saving 50-70% compared to the retail costs you may find at other jewelry stores in Houston. With Intercontinental Jewelers, you can also be confident that walking out of the store, you’ve got a piece of jewelry that has been made by us, which means it’s been tested for quality.

In addition, should things not go exactly as plans or you need to make some changes to your piece, we have a 30 day return policy. We want to make sure that jewelry shoppers who are spending a lot of time picking out the right piece are doing so because they want to make sure the recipient will like it, not because they want to find the lowest possible price.


Why Should You Buy Diamonds Loose?

You have a vast selection of diamonds to choose from. Buying preset diamond rings means having to choose from what is available and already made. Depending on the jeweler, this may mean that the choice is not as varied as when you buy diamonds loose. A loose diamond allows you to explore many different options en route to your perfect ring. In fact, it can allow you to design your own engagement ring.

Buying diamonds loose drives the prices down. It seems like it doesn’t make sense – if you buy a loose diamond, you still have to pay for the setting and the labor to set the diamond. However, preset diamonds are subject to a fair amount of markups due to the presentation of the jewelry. A loose diamond really does make a financial difference.

You can see every angle of the diamonds. Loose diamonds allow you to have a 360-degree view of the stone to check its quality. If a diamond is already placed in a setting, you lose that degree of view, as the setting will block some of the stone (and hide its flaws if necessary).

There is flexibility in buying diamonds loose. When you propose, you are making the judgment that you know exactly what type of ring your soon-to-be fiancé wants. Be unique and propose with the perfect diamond, and then the two of you can look at settings together. It’s fun, original, and it ensures that she will get what she wants. After all, many go into a jewelry store looking for the perfect ring and wind up saying to themselves, “Oh, that’s the perfect stone! But wait, I don’t like the setting, so let’s keep looking…” Do not let that happen to you.

If you would like a custom setting without resorting to wasting money on very expensive engagement rings, try purchasing the diamonds loose and see if there is a better deal out there for you. Call us today at 713-785-9600 to find your perfect diamond!


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Diamonds Loose In Houston Represent An Often Overlooked Option For Jewelry Shoppers

[Posted on October 4]

Consumers are always looking to purchase an item that allows flexibility and freedom, regardless of the product. Many people that go shopping for expensive engagement rings quickly realize that there are essentially endless options when it comes to style, design, size of the diamond, etc. What most of these people aren’t aware of is that there are many different ways to approach shopping for diamond engagement rings.

Because these rings typically represent a large financial purchase, those that are in the market are always looking for ways to save money and ensure they’re getting a great value, not just financially but with the quality of the jewelry. At Inter-Continental Jewelers, we’re very sympathetic to this dilemma which is why we present our customers with a number of different choices when they’re searching for that perfect engagement ring in Houston.

One of the often overlooked options that we speak with some of our customers about is choosing diamonds loose in Houston over a diamond that already is incorporated in an engagement ring or other piece of jewelry. Some people understand that their potential fiancé may have very specific tastes and would prefer to choose their own engagement ring but also know they still need to have something to present when they pop the big question. Showing them a loose diamond still allows the proposer to exhibit the commitment they have to the relationship while also leaving the rest up to the newly engaged to decide on together. Loose diamonds in Houston are an increasingly popular option because it leads to additional value. Preset diamonds in a finished piece of jewelry are inherently going to be more expensive because of the cost of creating and marketing the ring.

Loose diamonds will still need to have a ring created around them but that process can ultimately be cheaper than choosing a ring that is already made. In addition, with loose diamonds, the buyer is able to take a full look at the stone from every angle allowing them to be sure that there are no hidden flaws that might not show up if it was already in a piece of jewelry. When you choose a diamond loose from Inter-Continental Jewelers, you and your fiancé can then come back to us and take advantage of our “Design Your Own Engagement Ring” service, allowing you both to create a unique piece that you will both love.

When You Need Wholesale Diamonds Houston, Inter-Continental Jewelers Can Help

[Posted on September 7]

Engagement rings are the most special piece of jewelry that you will ever purchase. The problem is that these are also typically the most expensive piece of jewelry that you will ever purchase. At Intercontinental Jewelers, we can help you to lower the cost of your engagement ring purchase. We offer wholesale engagement rings in many styles and designs, giving you the opportunity to purchase the perfect ring at a much lower price than in a traditional jewelry store. We understand how important choosing the perfect diamond can be and we offer a much easier and less expensive way to do just that.

Whether you need an engagement ring or any other wholesale diamonds, we have just what you need. Feel free to browse our site and look at the many pieces that we offer. If you are choosing a diamond engagement ring, we have several styles available. In addition, we offer the opportunity to design your own engagement ring. This is a very popular option and allows you to ensure that you get the ring that you have always wanted to wear. Whether you are purchasing an engagement ring for your future bride or you are the future bride and simply want to have a say in your ring, we have the diamonds that will make your ring extra special.

Purchasing diamonds wholesale simply makes sense in today’s economy and gives you the opportunity to wear beautiful jewelry at a lower cost. To read more about diamonds Houston visit us at: http://dev.intercontinentaljewelers.com

Inter-Continental Jewelers Offers Diamonds Wholesale at Exceptional Prices

[Posted on September 16]

Purchasing diamonds can be a very exciting experience. Unfortunately it can also often be a very expensive experience. When you simply have to have diamonds, consider purchasing them wholesale. Inter-Continental Jewelers offers a variety of jewelry pieces from engagement rings to diamond stud earrings and at wholesale prices. Choosing diamonds from us not only ensures that you are receiving the most brilliant diamonds in the world, but that you are receiving them at the lowest possible price. When choosing your diamonds, be certain that you know the cut that you want. This will help you to select the perfect jewelry piece and enjoy the savings that wholesale prices provide.

You should understand that purchasing diamonds wholesale does not mean buying less than perfect diamonds. We offer beautiful diamonds from all over the world and can ensure that the diamonds that you purchase from us are just as perfect as those that you will find elsewhere. When you shop around on our site you will see a wide selection of diamond choices in many different settings and designs. Simply choose the cut or design that you want and then compare our prices to the prices at other jewelry stores in the area. We are confident that you will find our wholesale prices wonderfully low.

Purchasing wholesale diamonds allows you to have those beautiful jewelry pieces that you may otherwise consider too expensive. We offer many pieces from earrings to rings in a variety of sizes, carat weights and styles. To read more about diamonds wholesale, visit us at: http://dev.intercontinentaljewelers.com.


ICJ Offers Quality Diamonds Houston Jewelry Shoppers Will Appreciate

[Posted on September 21]

When it comes to high quality jewelry and diamond,s Houston residents have many choices. If you ask anyone in the local industry who is known for having the best diamond engagement rings, diamond stud earrings and other jewelry, more often than not, the answer comes back Inter-Continental Jewelers. The team at ICJ has over 35 years of experience in this business and that is evident to our customers when they begin to speak with us about their jewelry and diamond needs.

It really frustrates those of us in the industry when we hear horror stories about individuals or businesses that don’t treat their customers with respect and attempt to charge unfair prices for jewelry and diamonds. There is a lot of skepticism among those shopping for jewelry, but at Inter-Continental Jewelers it’s our goal to provide services that Houston diamond shoppers will not only appreciate, but that will also save them lots of money.

Picking out and buying expensive engagement rings should be based on finding the right look or design and not about whether or not you can trust the jeweler and we feel that’s the kind of experience that our clients receive at Inter-Continental Jewelers. Whether you’ve decided to design your own engagement ring or you’ve chosen one of our existing designs, we want you to know that should something not go as planned, we have a 30-day return policy. You should walk out of the store planning the next step of your proposal not having second thoughts about your purchase. Visit http://dev.intercontinentaljewelers.com for more details.